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Security Increased for Winston-Salem Gay Pride Parade

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In its final era under the previous owner, Q had come to be known as more of a lesbian bar than a gay one, Cozzi said, likely due in part to the closure of Time Out. Rheumatic conditions involve the joints, soft tissues, autoimmune system, vascular system, and connective tissues. Piedmont Triad Transportationbased in Greensboro, offers limos, shuttles, party buses and taxis from all North Carolina airports.

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For general news, reviews and events listings see Yes Weekly. For map locations and website gya to the businesses below, and more, see our gay Winston-Salem-Greensboro listings pages. Winston-Salem, Wisnton gracious southern city where tabacco was once king, sallem impressive art museums, a symphony orchestrathe April River Run Film Festivalthe internationally respected University of North Carolina School of the Artsand the world-famous National Black Theatre Festival that takes place each August. The Carolina Bear Lodge website details social events for the bear community across North and South Carolina, and open to anyone outside the area as well.

He felt it struggled to do too much, straddling the line between a bar and a club at times, which he described as a losing proposition for everyone.

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Q Bar will retain its role as an LGBT community institution, he said, gesturing to a sign from the old incarnation that he installed on a wall near the front door proclaiming Q as a gay bar where all are welcome. They also work to help a patient maintain optimal health in order to prevent the onset of disease. And so a month ago, the two took it over, renaming it Q Bar as a way to pay homage to its roots while signaling a change. Several venues have catered to LGBT residents in the past, though options dwindled as the Warehouse and Time Out — a lesbian staple — closed in recent years. Greyhound provides bus services to Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

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