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New American River Raft Route Takes Travelers Past Nude Beach

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Kind of like the woman that chose me to be her mate. Crystal, and Lava Falls. And a ragged print shirt. It used to be my trusty hat: Nowadays, however, what with all the dang rule-makers busy as little beavers up there on the rim, I gotta wear a helmet in the biguns. A helmet, for crissakes. And always, everyone, raft or dory or kayak, motor or oar, commercial or private trip, friend or stranger—always just as we push off to go run it, this exultant shout of joy and release, ecstasy and tension. A bellow of freedom given without reservation to all comrades within earshot, including whatever spirits happen to be winging in, watching the show. Echoed above the thunder and held aloft by the blazing air, soaring ever higher, eyes clear, hearts vulnerable yet stout, body as ready as worn shoulders, wrists and backs allow: They have your behind and you have theirs.

The clients cannot help but notice, are keen to join in. Sure, we love our river. But without each other, what are we? Without these things, how else do we gird our loins for battle or dance? Our rituals hold us and place us just so, in the right spot on the earth, remind us we are not the first or the last. They help us pay tribute to some higher power I cannot name but plainly feel with every step I take down there. Try, and often fail, to remind myself of up here. Which is why I keep going back. Pumping water — We will have gallons of water that we carry in the raft and refill whenever we can.

But there will be times when we have to pump water through filters. The water pump will be set up in the middle of camp and you should fill your personal water bottles by pumping and using the water jugs. When the pump is set up, everyone should take a turn. If we all pump for minutes, it's an easy job. Gear — Be sure to tie everything down. The wind will come out of nowhere and gust up nuxe 20 mph. Things that are not tied down get blown away or into the river. Leave no trace Wjite We try and leave each place we wter at as if we were never there. If while eating, you drop a scrap of food, pick it up and put it in the trash.

If we leave food scraps on the beach, we'll soon have ants all over the campsites. The routine — We try to get into camp early enough so people can sit around, relax, and enjoy the evening. We get up when the sun comes up about 6am. When you hear the coffee call that means get up, get coffee, and start packing. Breakfast is usually about a half hour after coffee call. As soon a breakfast is over, we break kitchen and load the raft and are off. The goal is to be off the beach before the direct sun hits. It is way too hot to sit around or load the raft in the direct sun. Midpoint Midway through the trip, we will stop at Phantom Ranch.

Postcards and letters can be stamped showing that they are carried out by mule—one of the few places in the country that use mule to carry mail. Purchase postcards before we launch and fill them out before we get to Phantom Ranch. We will not stop long enough for people to be filling out postcard while we are there. Phantom Ranch sometimes has stamps, but I would not count on it.

I would also send a postcard to yourself as a rememberance. Souvenirs are also available at Phantom Ranch. Money Once you leave Marble Canyon Lodge there is no place to spend money until we get to Phantom Ranch, about halfway down the river. There you can buy postcards and mail them T-shirts, candy bars, cold soft drinks and other small items. You also need money for gratuities and gas surcharge. A waterproof equipment case is essential. I highly recommend Pelican cases. They are constructed of virtually indestructible plastic and have a neoprene o-ring gasket to seal out water and grit.

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Whitf I have found the series case to be ideal for carrying my SLR or a compact video camera Also bring a plastic bag shower caps work great to fit loosely over your camera to raftiny it from blowing sand and water droplets, especially if you take pictures nkde the raft. Most point-and-shoot cameras, with their limited focal length lens, do not capture the type of pictures many wish to take. If you are serious about your photography, you need to bring equipment to Whire the grand expanses of the canyon. I recommend a camera Whute two interchangeable zoom lenses; a mm or thereabouts for scenery, nuude something in the mm raftig for shooting distant shots. Make sure you're fully versed in the operation of your camera.

Rxfting bring a spare set of batteries; you don't wwater your camera to die on this trip! Due to the blowing sand and fine gritty dust, filters on all of your lenses are a must. They are cheap insurance against the inevitable scratches from constant exposure to this harsh environment. I also recommend insuring your camera equipment. I highly recommend you purchase it and bring it along. It is waterproof and will guide you mile by mile down the river. Other books of interest include: Gratuities for the Guides Gratuities are earned, not assumed.

If you choose to give a gratuity, they are traditionally given to the guides on the last night of the trip during the farewell party. In the past, groups have divided the gratuities with three fourths going to the Tours West staff and one fourth to Bob. Most people are not accustomed to multi-day hiking and activities and if you're not physically prepared, it can be exhausting. The heat is also a big factor and dehydration is a constant threat. Be sure to pace yourself and drink plenty of water all day long. Trip Insurance A trip down the Grand Canyon is a significant investment of your time and hard earned money.

For that reason, you might want to consider taking out trip insurance from a reputable insurance or travel agency. There are a wide variety of plans and options out there, I'd recommend thoroughly researching the subject. From this point you will enjoy a scenic, 10 minute helicopter ride from the river to the Bar Ten Ranch. A charter flight from the ranch will take you back to Las Vegas or Marble Canyon. Vision Airlines reserves the right to charge you a gas surcharge fee before you board your flight. This fee is not included in your tour cost.

Nude rafting White water

You should arrive between Water and lemonade are available on the raft throughout the day. If you want soft drinks or beer, you can bring your own. And if possible no plastic bottles. The raft will carry your beverages, putting some of them in a drift bag to keep cool during the day. If you bring wine it should be the "box" variety, once again, no bottles please. The raft company will also provide sleeping bags, foam mattresses, cots, tents and waterproof bags at no charge. Please let me know if you would like these items from Tours West.

If you bring your own gear you'll need a tent, ground cloth, sleeping bag or bed roll, sleeping pad, dry bag I recommend the NRS Bill's bagpillow, and personal gear. An ammo box is a great container for your personal gear on this trip. Many people enjoy sleeping out under the stars and only use a tent if it rains. I rarely use a sleeping bag since it stays quite warm sometimes downright hot at night. If you do bring your own gear, I've found that a bedroll made up of a flannel sheet and wool or fleece blanket works quite well. Remember, that you will be helicoptered out, and are limited to 25 lbs.

Dress for Success Normally around camp, shorts and T-shirt or bathing suit are sufficient. In the evening, you may need a light sweatshirt or jacket. On a hot day, riding on the raft is pleasant because of the breeze coming off the river as we motor down river. On an overcast, windy or rainy day, it can be chilly to cold. A two piece rain suit is a must. Foot Wear When doing certain hikes, such as ones that are wet, where the rocks are slippery, the must have foot wear is Chacos.

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