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In the case of a year-old Japanese girl reported inher "massively enlarged" breasts caused her "intense psychological problems, incapacitating her in school activities and social relations. Also, larger bras are more costly, challenging to find, and unflattering to the wearer. Ill-fitting bras with narrow straps can cause chronic irritation, redness, and indentations in the shoulders. Skin rashes under the breasts are common, particularly during warm weather. Heavy breasts may cause headachesneck pain, upper and lower back painand numbness or tingling in the fingers.

Medical insurance coverage[ edit ] Insurance companies in the United States typically require the physician to provide evidence that a woman's large breasts cause headaches or back and neck pain before they will pay for reduction mammoplasty. Insurance companies also mandate a woman who is overweight, which is often the case with gigantomastia, to first lose a certain amount of weight. They also commonly require the patient to try alternative treatments like physical therapy for a year or more. Inthe physician Durston drew this illustration of first recorded case of non-gravid gigantomastia; the woman died of the condition.

A painting by Lam Qua of Lu-shi, age 42, on April 17,prior to breast reduction surgery. One early and extreme case study of gigantomastia dates to The patient died four months after the onset of enlargement.

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Vibinal was treated by a missionary physician. The right breast was removed one month later. When she became pregnant for the first time, her breasts increased two cup sizes in a few days. Immediately after her first birth, her breasts grew three cup sizes. Female aesthetic genital surgery. The Art of Aesthetic Surgery: Quality Medical Publishing; Patient Descriptions Patient 1 was a year-old woman who presented 10 months after free-edge trim labiaplasty by another surgeon. The details of her previous procedure were unavailable. In addition, she stated that although her labia minora were shorter since the surgery, she disliked the shape of her labia minora. The unusual look of the area was bothersome to the patient, who said she felt embarrassed to be nude in front of her boyfriend.

Upon examination in the standing position, the patient had a wide clitoral hypp at the anterior vulvar brreast separating the labia majora Figure 4A. In lithotomy, the patient had a large, prominent clitoral hood with flattened, centrally scalloped labia minora Figure 4C. Palpation of the clitoral area revealed no clitoromegaly but excess width and length of the clitoral hood as compared with the labia minora. Figure 4 View large Download slide A, C This year-old woman presented with an enlarged clitoral hood 10 months after labiaplasty via an unknown technique by another surgeon.

E Intraoperative view of the patient's procedure. Patient 2 was a year-old perimenopausal woman who presented 6 months after edge trim labiaplasty by another surgeon the details of her previous procedure were also unavailable. She complained of an excess clitoral hood and a flattened appearance of her labia minora. The standing view bothered the patient the most, as the clitoral hood protruded excessively between her labia majora. She stated that it was not that way prior to her labiaplasty. The Pap smear has a low detection rate for endometrial abnormalities. A biopsy of endometrial tissue may be taken during a pelvic examination. In this procedure the cervix is widened, and tissue samples are obtained from the uterine lining.

An ultrasound assessment of the thickness of the lining of the uterus may be used as a screening tool.

Hyp Viginal breast

Hysteroscopy Viiginal be performed to detect abnormal areas in the endometrial lining and remove cells for examination in a laboratory. In this test, the doctor inserts a slender, telescope-like device hysteroscope hhyp the uterus. Some people also notice that their labia grow after pregnancy, while others see changes in their vulva with age. Diagnosis Diagnosing labial hypertrophy is simple. A physical examination by a doctor or gynecologist is usually all that is required. There is no standard of measurement for how large labia should be. Treatment In most cases, people do not need treatment. However, if labial hypertrophy causes physical or psychological discomfort, there are treatment options, as follows: Lifestyle changes Wearing loose cotton underwear may help to prevent discomfort around the labia.

Some people with labial hypertrophy may notice hgp their discomfort goes away if they stop wearing tight clothing or underwear. Wearing loose-fitting underwear, shorts, and pants may help prevent unnecessary friction in the area. Wearing natural materials, such as cotton or linen, may also help improve airflow around the vulva.

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