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The noticeable Tene is Teen Stevens as Pebbles' voice in the new episodes, concurrent with Stevens' Tern appearing as Pebbles anytime Pebbles is seen in the shorter cartoons that comprised the first half of The Flintstone Comedy Hour. Gruesome for the crime, which also disrupts bambma family reunion that the Gruesomes are throwing. In order to prove her popularity, Pebbles wants to track down the band and get them to perform for her friends. He became more passive and sensible in his manner and tended to be dominated by Pebbles' more aggressive personality. Implementing his dance experience, Amen began to focus his efforts on other aspects of the ind He called it "the most curious" of the various spin-offs and wrote, "Mercifully, these misadventures at Bedrock High School only lasted one season".

However, when the Comedy Hour first started airing, a few new Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm half-hour cartoons were produced for this position. Having a great start in the music industry, this multi-faceted 26 year old talent has broadened his horizons and is now actively pursuing his much coveted music career that seems to be very promising for this young star. Family Entertainment and Warner Bros.

Model bambam Teen

He was the owner of a "cave buggy," a prehistoric version of a dune buggy. In this version, Bamm-Bamm's super strength, while visible mode, the form of his muscular physique, was not actively mentioned and was only demonstrated on occasion. Wooly abuses his powers and causes everyone to get mad at him, so he runs away and joins a local traveling circus. However, Bamm-Bamm finds difficulty singing live when he is brought into Pebbles' band as the lead singer. He began dancing professionally at the age of 17 with a crew called the Hellrazors.

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