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For Reilly, this was a key factor in allowing her daughter to attend a coed camping trip. Be clear Teeen the rules. He also describes the sleepover as a solution for your worries about him being out late and making risky decisions. It's possible your teen doesn't want to go, but needs you to be the fall guy.

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But she warns that coed slumber parties often include a lot edd sexual activity. Have boys and girls bunk down in different rooms and set a time for "lights out. Losing Sleep Over Coed Sleepovers? Readers, what would you do if your kids were invited to a coed sleepover?

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Sonna agrees that many teenagers have es, platonic friendships with members of the opposite sex. For many parents, there's no discussion about it —coed sleepovers are out of the question. Talk to the adults involved. Please share your thoughts and comments: In most cases, having sex isn't planned; it's a reaction to attraction, peer pressure and opportunity.

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