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128 Best Geisha Tattoos

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The one colour used makes it look simple Tatttoos stunning with the elaborately decorated hair. The use of pins and flowers on the hair brings out that real geisha look. The geisha tattoo design below depicts a modern day girl with a seductive face and enhanced lip well enhanced to allure men. You have many choices when it comes to Geisha tattoos.

They can be portrayed in many scenes along with other things that are symbolic of Japanese culture. You can show the Geisha amidst the heishas of the tea ceremony or as part of the cherry blossom festival. Often Samurai are shown as protecting the Geisha which can be used as a theme for your tattoo design to depict beauty and protection. The geisha tattoo design below looks quite complex with different features used to bring out the ideal geisha tattoo. The way the colours have been used on the geisha tattoo design below makes it look so beautiful. Using one colour for each feature makes every feature on the tattoo to be visually enhanced and dominant.

The use of black, red and green creates such a perfect blend making the whole tattoo to look quite classy.

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Since only the nobility were heishas with Geishas these tattoos represent beauty, elegance, mystery, sensuality, the exotic, grace and many other geisnas qualities. The traditional geisha tattoo below looks stunning with the enhanced eyebrows and geizhas styled hair with o. The colour of the costumes combines well with the features used in the traditional geisha tattoo design. The geisha tattoo below is a perfect expression of a learned, elegant geisha with Tagtoos skills to entertain and influence men. The hair style Tattoow the facial expression is all seduction with the eyes fully focused on her ideal man.

The word geisha according to the Japanese is a combination of two words which are Tattoox and sha meaning a performing artist. The sophistication and the features that the geisha tattoos consists of clearly explains the character and meaning of the tattoo designs. The geisha tattoo design below looks pretty cool with the pink colours and elegant hairdo expressing real femininity. The geisha tattoo looks beautiful and use of one colour makes the tattoo look dominant and blends quite well with the complexion of the wearer. This traditional geisha tattoo design is quite unique and small compared to the other designs of geisha tattoo. The black colour used with the small flower designs makes the tattoo design quite appealing and elegant.

The tattoo design below is quite versatile with a combination of many features and colours that blends quite well. The traditional geisha tattoo below looks great when worn by a man given the complexity of the design with the geisha feature looking quite appealing with the beautiful costume and the well-styled hair. The traditional geisha tattoo below demonstrates the alluring and seductive look with which the geishas seduced men with her mesmerizing. The geisha tattoo design looks beautiful with the entire body covered with beautiful artistic work.

She was a true intellectual, trained in arts, polished in etiquette and possessing knowledge about just anything, so that she could hold intelligent conversations with men besides giving them company in the physical sense.

Geishas in Japanese culture, were considered as the chief entertainers for men in cultural events as well as tea ceremonies and their primary aim was to provide wholesome entertainment to men with their physical beauty and great knowledge. Placements Just like the other kinds of tattoos, a geisha tattoo also has a number of common body placements. It is common in a way that this is where a lot of people prefer to place their tattoos. Here are some of these body placements that you might want to take into account: Tattoo on Shoulders — Shoulders are great locations for this tattoo. In fact, a lot of people in the past preferred having this tattoo on their shoulders.

Tattoo on Back — There are some cases that this tattoo will involve bigger designs. This is the main reason why you also need to have a wider body part where you will place it. This is where your back part comes into play. However, the whole body does not necessarily mean that this tattoo will have to cover every inch of your body. The tattoo can be placed on the front part of your body stretching from the chest down to your feet or on the back from the shoulders going downwards. Whether you want to have a complete geisha image or you only want to have the head the ribs is a cool place to have your tattoo.

To make your tattoo look the very appealing, you should have it drawn on the side of the rib just below your arm. This tattoo looks amazing when drawn as a big tattoo, and any seasoned tattoo artist will tell you that big tattoos look exquisite when drawn on the back. The back has more than enough space, and so you can draw the tattoo in any design you wish. A geisha is a perfect half- sleeve tattoo. A literal translation would be "artist," "performing artist," or "artisan. The geishas rose as Japan's traditional courtesan culture — declined.

The tradition has existed since the 18th century and continues today.

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Geishae woman are professionally trained, and professional they are. Some people confuse them with prostitutes, but sex was never the focus of the job. They would sing, dance, play music, display their with or wealth of knowledge about Japanese history or politics. The ability to create a relaxed environment and provide constant entertainment is their specialty.

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