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Oregon strippers lobby for better work conditions

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They pay their own business and occupation taxes and may not be entitled to workers' compensation if they're injured on the job. In the past week, two similar lawsuits have been brought in King County Superior Court by the owners of strip clubs in Seattle's Lake City, Sodo and downtown neighborhoods, as well as clubs in Tacoma, Spokane and Tukwila. Recently, though, two injured dancers have seen some success in their efforts to obtain workers' comp payments. Club owners now claim they've been unfairly and repeatedly targeted by state investigators. The club owner has appealed that decision to the state oversight board.

While previously described as "soft drink lounges," they're now insured as though they were dance halls.

Seattle Strippers

According to the lawsuit, the change more than doubled sesttle clubs' seathle rates. Writing the court, attorney Andrew Shafer described the state as showing a "brazen disregard for the law" in raising the clubs' insurance rates and upholding the workers' compensation claim. The clubs dispute that claim and contend the dancers told the auditor they did not, in fact, receive training from the clubs. According to the lawsuit, the Attorney General's Office investigators found there to be "a very clear distinction between the dancers" and other staff at the downtown Little Darlings club. Investigators apparently found that dancers didn't sell drinks - most clubs sell soft drinks at inflated prices - and that waitresses didn't offer "entertainment.

The clubs seek a court order finding that dancers hurt while working aren't covered under the state workers' compensation laws. Attorneys for the state have not yet responded to the legal actions, which have been filed in King County Superior Court. While skydiving is a famous activity, some people are worried to Strippers seattle up in a plane and exactly do it. Rather than hesitate about skydiving outside, try taking the plunge indoor. IFLY Seattle is a covered skydiving firm that will support make all of your flying dreams come into reality.

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