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We caught our transport to Maroma Beach and anxiously awaited the departure of our day cruise. There were only 2 other couples with us, but we still had a great time. I think 5 or 6 couples would have been ideal. As soon as we cleared the wave break, off came our clothes as we made our way to the snorkeling area.

Platonic Necessities entertained additional options such as a masters on nudist between, meet ups for lawsuits, a talent show, etc. They probably went a good overboard on using the cruise.

After snorkeling for about an hour, od re-boarded the boat and traveled a little further north rezorts a beautiful, secluded beach for a catered lunch. On the way back, the ladies did a line dance to the music. As we approached the marina, it was time to get dressed again; everyone was disappointed that the day was about the end. Thursday would be our last full day in Mexico, so we decided to purchase another day pass to HBR. Several of the guests and staff members remembered us from Monday, and warmly welcomed us back. That was a nice feeling. We told everyone about our cruise the day before and that we would definitely be back around the same time next year.

So what can you expect at a nude resort? Pretty much the same as you would find at most clothed resort. Except that you never have to put on a cold, damp bathing suit the next morning! More Show less Date of stay: October Trip type: He is quick to give credit to the other staff but we know that he is a binding force that helps the staff working as a cohesive unit.

While the whole concept of working at a clothing optional resort might still be settling in to her mindset, she does seem to be handling everything nue. She is a beautiful nued lady, well poised and articulate. We feel she has already become a valuable asset to the resort. Open, honest, engaging, not afraid to show that she is enjoying her work and a good ability to remember names of the guests. Tries very hard to make sure the guests are comfortable in the different activities that she helps out with. Don't ever let her leave.

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On a side note: As we are Canadian, and as a whole would be considered somewhat reserved and hesitant to actually touch other people, I commented that the activity staff were more interactive with the guests than what was the norm last year. I was curious if the staff were told to interact more or whether management had relaxed any "rules" for not touching guests. Inga stated that her personal boundaries are still in place but that the guests respect the staff so well that her she feels safe, even though she deals with naked guests all day. She knows that security staff are present to protect her should the need ever arise. I believe that other guests would also step in if any guest started anything inappropriate with the staff.

I reaorts I would. Raquel simply stated that it is in her resofts to hug everyone. She understands that some of us find it difficult bude get past the 3 foot "bubble" between people and that a handshake is often all we can manage. She respects that and doesn't push people into uncomfortable situations. Mario at Food and Beverage Services: Donna asked him a Revews little question about chocolate ice cream. He had dishes of resortts cream garnished with decorated chocolate strips placed in front of us so fast we were amazed. He obviously takes his job seriously! The last day on the ship was clearly the end of the supply with many items missing from the buffet. The staff was always pleasant and helpful despite the fact that most people were nude.

The Bare Necessities staff were doing what they could to make it an exceptional trip and put out a daily briefings on the TV to let you know what was happening. They probably went a little overboard on promoting the cruise. Disembarkation went smoothly and ran about 1 hour early, which was good considering that people had to get to flights and such. We took the Carnival arranged bus from the port to the airport and it worked quite well. The airport was massive and it was a LONG walk to our terminal. Would we do it again? Probably but not for a few years.

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