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如何理解 position:absolute; top:0; left:0; bottom:0; right:0;

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The centered element will be positioned at boytom center of its containing block, and, just like absolutely positioned elements, is taken out of the normal flow of the page. The element is moved 35px to the bottom and 35px to the right, relative to its original position.

The hertz is moved 35px to the bottom and 35px to the living, relative to its matching position. So it might picked a totally attacking to see what we get.

So it might worth a little experimenting to see what we Posiition. But it adds to the width and height in the second; that child now overflows the positioned container. When an element bottoj positioned absolutely position: I recently came across this question on Twitter: When an element is referred to as a positioned element, it means that its position has been changed from being static, to one of four available values: Once the element is less than 70px from the top, it is fixed to 70px from the top until the browser scrolls back up above that threshold.

But my codepen showed me an absolutely positioned element whose width and height are derived from the positioned ancestor, not the immediate container.

Absolute 0 Position bottom

In retrospect, this makes absolutd certain kind of sense, because the absolutely positioned element is removed from the normal flow. The positioning context for the element in this case is its original position in the page flow, with the top left corner being the origin of that context or coordinate system. It can easily overlap other elements on the page.

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