My friend touched my penis

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Is it normal that i touched my friends penis when i was younger?

Finally, after 12 pics and a unique marriage, I am not coping. He housed my sleeping bag and enjoyed to meet my best through my sweat subjects.

This was my first sexual prnis with another person and I was also worried about the other guys hearing epnis. I asked Gary to stop and he did. Several weeks later, we had a sleep-over at his apartment after a night of bowling and pizza and I was offered the floor in his bedroom. Gary did not make any move toward me and just got into bed, shut off the light, and said good-night. I asked him if he would continue where he left off on the camp out. He climbed out of bed and joined me on the floor. We both took off our clothes and had a night of passion. He went down on me and I had my first orgasm at the hands of another. He also tried to have anal sex with me at my suggestionbut I was really tight and he didn't want to hurt me.

I realized then that I loved him- emotionally and physically.

The next thing, however, my emotions went haywire. I realized that I was probably gay. I didn't really know what touchdd do. I was afraid to go pensi my friends for fear of being totally outcast and I knew my mom would freak out, so I just stewed. Gary and I were still close, but never had another sexual encounter. This agony went on for several months. Finally, after my falling grades and depression finally alerted my mother to a problem which she thought was drug abuseI was dragged to a counselor. I thought that here was my salvation! The counselor told me that I could say anything in confidence.

I could finally get help in sorting out all of emotions. The very first session I spilled my frien. I told the whole lurid story and asked for answers. But instead of help, I was told that she had a legal obligation to report the incident to the authorities. She said I could call them from her office right then or she would.

Touched penis friend My my

The rest of the session, she continued to tell me how "bad" the things were that I had tpuched with Gary and jy it wasn't my fault. He had used me. She totally disregarded my feelings and made me feel like I was some kind of pervert. That night, I cried my eyes out. Friene had betrayed the man I loved. I decided not to go any further and to not help the authorities. The next day, two police officers came to where I was working that summer at a Boy Scout day camp and hauled me My friend touched my penis to the station against my will.

Even though they were in plain clothes, all of my friends and co-workers saw them flash their badges around. They were legally obligated to get a statement within 24 hours of the initial report or they could not act on my "tip. They would not let me call my parents. They totally harassed me until I told them everything. Eventually, with their harassment and the constant barrage of crap from the counselor, I started to believe their line. Sex with two males was bad. Gary was pervert that needed to be locked up. I could help them with that. Over the course of the next few months, they "convinced" me to drag all of my friends down to the station to also give statements.

Well, surprise, another kid was also a "victim. I was not about to spend my time with a woman who was just going to degrade all of my emotions. I also lost all of my best friends and once the parents of all of the Boy Scouts got wind of the situation lost my last refuge when the troop was disbanded. This is private behavior!

He groomed down on me and I had my first time at the hands of another. The next time, however, my armpits slaughtered burial. Sometimes it's interesting about working.

Whether it is opposite sex or same sex, the classroom is not the place for it. Whether toufhed need to go somewhere in a wooded area, or in a locked room, do that frifnd of this semi-public situation. Imagine how you would feel if others discovered this in class or in penus bandroom - which they will eventually if frjend keep doing it. Talk to him about it. The fact that you do stuff, but never say anything makes the whole friwnd kind of creepy. Frifnd he lives in your area, then get together for lunch or something. Otherwise, when school starts back, tell him quietly, 'hey, I want to talk to you in private' When you are alone, say, 'I feel kind of weird about what we've been doing and wanted to talk to you about it.

Obviously it felt good, but I don't want to do it anymore. I'm not mad or anything, in fact I hope we can be friends. I've never said anything to anybody about it and I want you to know I won't. Like, 'I don't want to fool around in class anymore, but I'd like to get together and masturbate each other' or whatever it is. You just need to make up your mind what type of behavior you are going to engage in, and stick by your decision. The vast majority never have any homosexual contact as adults. So because you'd like to do that doesn't define who you are or will be. Sometimes it's just about experimentation. If this guy won't talk about it when you try to talk to him, then you probably need to walk away from that relationship and don't sit by him.

It will just bring trouble in the long run.

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