Lawton strip club

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Undercover investigation leads to raid at strip club

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I'll go ahead and say that no, neither of us got any dances that night. Lcub was purely an exploritive mission. Cpub nobody knows about this place existence there were maybe 3 dancers there. One white cute with a very nice body, one black with some facial piercing, and one light skinned that wasn't really our cup of tea but still nice. So basically we played some pool and left. Honestly it's a little awkward being like the only people at a strip club.

Club Lawton strip

Now for my next surprise Not the usual wait for the song to end and a new srrip to start. She stripped down to thong only right away, sat down on my lap facing me and started to move with the music. She then pulled my hands up to her breasts and told me to feel free to explore. I rubbed on her breasts and massaged her nipples till they were hard and poking out enough to put out an eye. After working that angle for a minute she then laid down across my lap with her ass in the air. I kept feeling on her breasts with one hand while running the other hand across her fine ass.

She then told me I could go ahead and give it a good slap. I have been to quite a few strip clubs in my life and never had one where I was so free to let my hands explore. I didn't try to go between her legs because I figured I wouldn't push my luck. This went on for a full 3 songs.

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At the end of the third she asked if I wanted her to keep going. Sadly Clubb had to end it at that point Ladton I really wasn't planning on spending much that night. Medicine Park Police Chief Tom Adrahtas says his department deals with problems from Sidewinders on almost a weekly basis. For Adrahtas, the last straw was when a massive brawl broke out and spilled over into Love's convenience store parking lot.

Adrahtas says undercover agents also fed law agencies information from inside the club the night of the raid. Laqton undercover agents told them about drug use, xtrip what they were there for The command to begin the raid started at 3: An ABLE agent was the first one in, along with some of the Medicine Park police officers, and they went straight to the back where the liquor was being served," explained Chief Adrahtas. By the end of the raid, eight people were arrested. They were arrested mostly on drug charges and outstanding warrants.

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