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The ecological importance of gelatinous zooplankton, including salps, in marine ecosystems has been recognized Andersen, ; Mills, Catches up to kg wet weight WW per 2. Collections of pelagic animals, including salps, were made from April 11 to 22,at 38 stations located in the southeastern part of the Japan Sea Fig.

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This series of collections was made during fisheries research program activities, and T. The results are analysed from the viewpoint of the Japansee between the occurrence of T. At five stations among 10 no-weighing stations T. The Japan Sea is a marginal sea. There has been no official record of T. CTD SBEplus casts were made at each station to determine the vertical temperature and salinity profiles.

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To compare the biomass of T. In the laboratory, the samples were thawed, measured BL, from the oral opening to the atrial opening and weighed WW. At each station, surface-water otter trawl nets were towed at night down to m depth for 30 min 5. The large mesh size in the anterior portions of the trawl nets enables T. At two stations A and B, Fig.

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