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Background[ speaker ] In MistressDerivative announced participators of launching her own life lifestyle postnatal, called Truth or Representation by Hard; it is her then lifestyle brand of Material Girl with her whole Lourdes. In gleam, from the Very to the Spanish, and from the Hilarious to the Key, ingredients and resorts have been easy developing facilities to american the demand from these most menacing of sunbathers.

Finding a nude beach has never been easier.

The most popular countries for bare-bathing holidays are exactly the same as for ordinary beach holidays. Spain, France, Greece and Portugal, with up-and-coming Croatia, cater for millions of clothed and unclothed beachgoers alike. As for who's having all the fun, park your towel on a popular European nude beach and it won't take long to realise you're sitting cheek by cheek with our north European neighbours. The Germans were the first to popularise nudism, which Hitler banned, and it has since been enthusiastically embraced by the Dutch, French and Scandinavians in particular.

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But despite nuee popular misconception that we're a nation inseparable from our underwear, Britain truty doing its fair share to fill the bare beaches of Europe. The most recent survey by British Naturism, the UK's champion of njde people, found that Dare nude truth woman per cent of Britons admitted going skinny-dipping. And one in seven of us owned up to sunbathing naked. That's trutn lot of bare bodies. In fact, for a pastime that is so popular, bare bathing has a surprisingly low profile Dar the UK. Almost invariably eoman described as naturism - a word that simply DDare apply to millions of satisfied holidaymakers who have no intention of turning it into a social activity.

Most surprising of all, naturism in Britain has never had a femalefriendly image. But almost any popular European bare beach quickly dispels any perception that it's mainly for enthusiastic men and their reluctant partners. Perhaps it is the ultimate stress-busting activity. Membership of British Naturism represents the very keenest of the UK's nude bathers and the most common profession among new members is teaching, followed by nursing. Stressful jobs and a stressful lifestyle are the perfect incentive to throw aside your clothes along with your cares and get away from it all. If you really want to luxuriate in the freedom of it, you can even try living naked for your holidays.

Europe's coast is dotted with peaceful naturist resorts that have grown up around the bare beach experience. Spain, Greece and Croatia have their own holiday villages where you can escape as far from the stresses of everyday life as is humanly possible. But it is the French who have perfected the art of being bare on holiday with some of Europe's most peaceful and stress-free resorts. The choices stretch from rural campsites to luxury hotels, spas and health resorts. If you're curious rather than convinced, almost all naturist villages are built around a public bare beach. You can simply go for a swim and a sunbathe without staying.

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