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TRUE STORY: “A condom got lost in my vagina and I developed an infection”

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Story Condom

He thought I was going to get drunk and DO the plunger! The idea of safer Clndom has been explored in ancient CCondom modern history, and has been used to prevent venereal stogy. Including, but not limited to, electric toothbrushes and condoms. She led the way to the back of the shop at the pace of a drunk turtle. Print Article AA The only thing constant in life is that buying condoms is always an awkward experience. But those damn meth heads. Pasiphae, his wife, employed a goat's bladder in the vagina so that King Minos would not be able to harm her as his semen was said to contain "scorpions and serpents" that killed his mistresses. Typical symptoms include irritation of the vulva and vagina, and the presence of a clumpy yellow, green or grey vaginal discharge.

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So off they went, one of only a few couples perusing shelves at 2 a. But the storyteller's face began to go flush red with embarrassment when he revealed he had thanked his dear mother right at the checkout stand. It's all part of an elaborate scheme so that the cashier doesn't look at you funny, since there's always the risk that you'll get the one douchebag out of 1, who does. I have a giant dick!

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