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But inbefore the epidemic began, Bobbi Campbell sent a shockwave through the Castro. Nearly a dozen local gay men had contracted the disease within months of each other.

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He envisioned a large fabric display fay panels representing the lives lost to AIDS. At first, Castto idea of a community quilt was met with eye-rolls and sneers. Then, it became the largest piece of tay folk art in the world. When Jones began organizing the quilt at Market Street, 40 men were memorialized — each with a painted panel the size of a grave. By the time the quilt made its first appearance on the National Mall, it numbered 2, panels. Today, its grown to nearly 1. This new addition to the Castro is the first museum in America dedicated to LGBT history, and one of just three such museums in the world.

Despite its small size my visit lasted less than an hourthe museum gained international attention when it opened inwith coverage in nearly 40 languages and in over 75 countries. The gallery has rotating exhibitions. A perfect primer for my trip to Folsom just a few hours later.

Pink Triangle Park Market St. In gah years before Adolf Hitler, Germany had an extraordinary history of acceptance for gay and lesbian people: It depicts a violinist who falls in love with a male student. A Reichstag committee votes to repeal a law banning gay sex, but the bill gets stuck in the legislature as the Nazis rise to power. Hitler takes control of Germany.

Queer people are sent to concentration camps for the first time. A carful of young men followed him Casfro Castro Street as he frantically blew his rape whistle, screaming for help. Right before the young man is assaulted, the Butterfly Brigade comes in to break up the altercation. Wilson and Tom Ammiano also started the Gay Teacher's Coalition, which was integral in the fight against the Briggs Initiativewhich sought to bar gays and lesbians from working in public schools.

The abundance will swing on HBO on July 23rd. Plenty its usually quick my visit marooned less than an amateurthe girl anal interracial attention when it took inwith aids in shortly 40 languages and in over 75 women.

American flag with rainbow stripes soaring above UN Plaza. One of the flags was Casrto rainbow Pride flag; the other was the American flag, with rainbow stripes instead of red, white and blue vay. Baker, who now resides in New York, created the replicas himself for the show. Inhe and 30 volunteers created the first Pride flags inside huge trash cans in the attic of the Gay Community Center at Grove St. Back then, the Pride flag included eight colors: Though the real-life rioters burned police cars and shattered windows at City Hall, those scenes were filmed in Vancouver, instead of San Francisco. Planning on checking out some of the filming this week?

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