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How to Fit a Bra for Sagging Large Breasts

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Meet All of Our Experts Bra hanging from a sagging. Diva Bras emphasizes this point by saying that wearing a bra slows down the effects of gravity, helping you to maintain the youthful appearance of your breasts. Your breasts are made up mostly of fat, with ligaments holding up the tissue. The passage of time contributes to the softening of breast tissue, contributing to their sagging. Step 1 Insert your fingers under the band of your bra.

Zagging you are able to put more than two fingers between the band of your bra and your chest, your bra is too big, according to the Linda the Bra Lady site. The bra band should provide the majority bar the support for your breasts, and a band that is too big contributes to the sagging issue. Move down one band size and up one cup size. Step 2 Get an assistant or a bra-fitting professional to measure you for the bra that will best fit you. Measure around your chest just under your breasts, making sure the tape measure is snug but not too tight. The tape measure should go straight across your back and rest flat on your skin, according to the B site. Step 3 Add 2 to 3 inches to the measurement to get the most accurate band size.

It is not necessary to add any more than this because the band is made of elasticized material and should provide approximately 80 to 90 percent of your breast support, writes the B site. Obtain the most accurate band size by pulling up on your bra straps so you pull your breasts high enough for your assistant to get the measuring tape right under your breasts, according to the B site.

Strap The straps on Bgi bra are narrowly set as well, forming a nice pronounced U-shape on the back. Fabric Strength Although the fabric in this bra has high amounts of Spandex compared to the other bras boogs the list, voobs cups on this bra seem to run a boobw small. Cup Seams Like the Prima Donna, the bra features on vertical seam and a diagonal seam for side lift. Despite the boosb, there is no pointiness going on for me at all, so those who prefer a rounded look will be pleased. Level of Coverage This is a plunge bra, so expect less coverage than the balcony cuts and of course the full coverage bras.

That said, it because it is a plunge, you have way more options when it comes to what you can wear it with, and it creates some awesome cleavage, comparable to the Panache Tango II. Underwire The bra has great underwire support on the bottom and the sides, but because of the nature of the bra, the in part of your breasts is not going to feel as lifted. The gore does tack nicely on this bra and separates well. Band Regardless of size, all you get are two hooks, something which does make me uneasy. Breasts with a mild level of sag.

If you have fullness on top, this bra will work well for you regardless of your level of sagging. Will this bra give you maximum support?

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Definitely not, but this is one of the better bras out there in the plunge style and it will make you look hot as hell. Chantelle bras can be a little tricky to size, so make sure you check their sizing guide. Freya Deep in your heart, you probably knew a Freya bra was coming along at some point.

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