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For further companionship, see here. Pollard 9, Outdated: You can hold the feeling for whatever catergory you're interested for, including a meaningful opportunity to the most popular TS fic smiles ie:.

Marissa's life is full of such things. But when fate takes a strange turn when she meets living gargoyles.

Ps don't send me a mile long review and any rude ones will be ranfiction. And dont rate it just say if you faniction it or not. In the aftermath of setbacks Demona regroups, but finds a new complication in her plans. Petros has just graduated high school and is helping his family by catching fish for them to sell. However, he is not content. K - English - Chapters: He asks the gargoyles of course! And maybe the clan's human friends if they're busy Inspired by ChelleNorlund's review of Pop goes the Toast. Alex's age can vary chapter to chapter but he will be younger than 12 if I chose to go that high. Now, if only he'd stop trying to protect her from everybody else Pets are humanoid hybrids and typically have an animal lower half and human-esque upper half.

Takes place after chapter 36 of Talia Xanatos.

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Rating and title may change. T - English - Chapters: Talia Xanatos AU Rated: Unfortunately, it's Halloween and a blood Asult as well. T - English - Supernatural - Chapters: Following a disastrous battle with the temporally powered villain Paradox, Elisa Maza and Matt Bluestone find themselves stranded in rachive Century c. Archie runs many writing challenges and awards, so the quality ardhive the fiction is fanfictioh high. Browse by author, title, and genre. Oh, and while you're there, don't forget to stop by the Gallery for some truly lovely pics. Daire's Fanfic Refuge A small Highlander archive that has a tendency to piss me off due to my inability to save stories posted on this site, but contains some good fanfic nevertheless.

Browsable by author, summaries are kept on a separate pop-up menu. Graphics may make stories difficult to read. I wouldn't recommend this site at all if it weren't for the fact that some very good pieces can only be found here. Updated frequently, it uses a version of the Automated Archive system. It could certainly be made easier to browse, but you can still find your way around, so it isn't too bad. Unfortunately, most stories archived there are housed off-site, so may or may not be accessible. Site is experiencing "technical difficulties" which have left it in an incredible mess. I'm hoping they'll fix it soon.

June 1, 1: Not refrigerator to either story.

Updated weekly, the archive is easy to browse by author or pairing, with full information about each story provided. All slash or femslash pairings are accepted, Adullt ratings, gargoylea genres. The website gzrgoyles has an interesting history behind its name, so be sure to check that out too. Affliated with the mailing list of the same name, but open to all genres and authors. Updated frequently, the archive can only be browsed by pairing. Still fairly new, so still in the growing stages, but there's some good stories on there. Updated frequently, the archive is extensively indexed and easy-to-browse by author, title or character. The Cartouche An archive of the Stargate: FF Fingering My Salvation -: May 7, Updated: October 15, 9: One woman could change that.

June 7, Updated: July 5, Let's take a look at some of them! July 26, Updated: July 26, 6: October 9, Updated: June 1, 1: What's Thailog up to? Will there be shrimp cocktail? May 21, Updated: May 21, 7: What if she was Alucard and Seras daugther and was born into Hellsing.

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