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InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Off Again, On Again

Kagome masked, berserk ago. He watched as she created her hand to rub her horny and her finger tired his juices around - snag-painting her thighs with his sexuality.

IDK if anyone likes the commentary but I like gushing about my love soooo…. This inuyash is so hot that this is where the banner came from. This author is so talented I wish she wrote more of anything really. I shall forever cherish and reread this fic until the end of time. Separation Anxiety by Belizar This gives me feelings and emotions with how Inuyasha feels post manga. October 8, 1: Inuyasha agrees reluctantly after learning that she could die if not trained. Miroku swore to train inuyaeha, but he never meant to fall in love with her, but what startled him was when she let him kiss her. They had Audlt meant for it, not at all, but when two souls bond it is not something that can be undone.

August 11, Updated: September 9, 9: Naraku likes inuasha take what does not belong to him. Sometimes a girl has got to work with what she's been given to make the best of a bad situation. Kagome is no exception, and she's given quite 'a lot' to work with. August 23, Updated: September 3, 4: His precious cargo held safely to his chest, as he raced to save her with his demonic speed. So to be clear: Inuyasha is working at a Subway sandwich shop. She wanted to devour that foot long sub! And somewhere, Jared the Subway Spokesman sheds a single tear of jealousy. The sandwich awaited yet she was exhausted.

Wait, does Kagome have a Subway franchise in her bedroom? What the fuck is going on here? After the growls urged when she agonized between getting lettuce or spinach, pickles or olives…then haggling to obtain the newest, freshest samples. Or like a rubber ducky arouses water. It was such a thrill that she was too excited to eat — and it was then and there that she explored the offspring of their dalliance. The bread — he sliced it, no, he cleaved it twain, making a vulva out of it. You know, one of those white, inch long vulvas all the ladies seem to have nowadays. Splayed, willing and ready to be ravaged, he pounded chicken onto it, slathering everything with sauce. She relived it, again and again, watching that sandwich swell with food like a clitoris budding through lips and leaking its love.

If any part of your genitalia reminds you of any kind of Subway sandwich, see a doctor immediately. The cheese — she gasped as shock spiraled through her body just watching it drop onto the meat. He stirred that orgy and baked it until the joys blended into a goo of ecstasy.

The foreplay only began — then came the toppings! Actually, I think at this point, Jared the Subway spokesman is probably masturbating furiously. Kagome reached into her skirt, onto her panties. It was soaking wet with the juices of her sex.

Kagome Adult story fan fiction inuyasha lemon

Two notes about this paragraph: I lejon we can all agree that at this point Inuyasha kagoje just stuck his dick in the sandwhch, right? And then that day everything changed. Needless to say, Kagome was not only outright confused, she was fictioon, afraid and well, mostly pissed. Why won't you talk lemom me? He couldn't face her, because he was afraid. Afraid of the sadness on her delicate features, sadness of his doing. He was faan afraid that if he looked into her eyes, he'd lose himself and do something kafome they'd both regret.

In the long run, things would be easier this way. He spat on the ground and raised his voice sounding very annoyed. I don't need a prissy little ditsies here messing everything up. I'm sick of your complaints and constant nagging. I can't concentrate jack shit while you are here getting your ass in trouble every time I turn my back. Only thing you seem to be good at is fucking flirting with mangy wolfs, and that makes me sick to my stomach! For a glimpse of an eye the black mass of wildly waving hair looked like a dark curtain of velvet before disappearing to the abyss.

Then the last breath of wind died and she was gone. He could once again regain the hold of his thoughts - no more would that damned woman tease him with her irresistible fragrance, smooth long legs that continued forever, rounded rear that swayed ah-so-deliciously while she walked, slender waist that curved perfectly over her hips, ample pale breasts that just begged him to grab them with every slight bounce they ma… Inuyasha swallowed painfully. He got up from the ground that ran to the nearest bushes seeking for some - clarity of mind.

Yeah, a heat fic — faan million times and nothing new this time AAdult either, but sometimes spaghetti with meatballs is just spaghetti with meatballs and it's still good or not if you don't like spaghetti or meatballs. Plus I'm writing a new one which is Addult unfinished. That's why I should just stick with one-shots; I get distracted way too easily in longer stories. But rest assured, continuation is cumming! This fic will have at least three chapters, first chap contains no erotic material, just mild splatter, second one has a lime in it and the third has most of the fun. Basically this fic has it all - sex, violence, coarse language and bad grammar. P So, stick around. It gets better and better.

Okay, the advertisement bit is over now. And I suppose not too many readers bother to read the author comments at the end of the fic? Well, I'll rabbit anywho. I just realized while proofreading yeah, I actually do that!

He notably tatted out. Two talent intensity gis that began conveying chatter that could be only awe.

I get the feeling that things are too rushed, but unfortunately, as long as I'm not getting paid to write these things a notion to all lawyers, btw, which I'm not I don't have the time and resources to put my full effort into these. Is that what you want huh Kagome? The force of the subduing spell had sent Inuyasha crashing into Kagome so hard that it had forced Kagome down onto her backside on the ground beside the well. Now there they sat pinned against each other tightly. Instead of making things easier for her this had only made her dilemma that much more difficult.

If Inuyasha had smelled her arousal before she knew without a doubt that he could easily smell it now. Now just shut up and let me do it. She nearly collapsed from the wonderful feeling of having the man she loved touch her in such an intimate way. Right before she fell over the edge Inuyasha pulled away. I want to hear you screaming my name so loud that your voice gets hoarse. He roughly pushed her down so that she was leaning over the edge of the well and then pushed her skirt up over her backside.

Inuyasha yanked his hakama down past his hips and let them fall to his ankles. Do you understand that? With one final thrust he gave a feral sounding howl as his release tore through his body.

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