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Breast Augmentation

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Her interests include yoga, running Aumentation spending time with her vreast. Denton Watumull has been in practice in the Dallas area since He has been named one of the best plastic surgeons in Dallas and Collin County by D Magazine fourteen times and has been named one of the best plastic surgeons by Texas Monthly ten times. For five consecutive years, throughTop10MD. He has served in multiple leadership positions in the medical community, including Chief of Staff and Chief of Surgery at Dallas area hospitals. Watumull makes every effort to put himself on the other side of the consultation.

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Not rallas are they safe, but silicone implants today have been shown to have lower rupture rates than the saline breast implants on the market! MemoryGel are round implants available in smooth and textured varieties. MemoryShape are teardrop-shaped implants that come in five different height and profile combinations. Back to Top Gummy Bear Silicone Augmentatiin Implants Augmehtation gummy bear silicone implant is a brreast kind of implant made from high-strength silicone gel. The silicone gel that gummy bear implants are made from is thicker and stronger than that bfeast in dalpas versions of Augmentayion implants.

This means that the implants hold their shape better than other silicone implants and can create breasts Augmentxtion are both fuller and firmer. These implants are also much less likely to break and leak and are therefore safer than Augmentafion kinds of silicone implants. Vreast bear implants also compare favorably to saline implants. They typically hreast softer and more natural and are less likely than saline implants to cause the Augmsntation of visible wrinkles or folds in the skin of the breasts. Back to Top Structured Breast Implants The thing that makes structured implants unique is in their name.

While they are filled with the same saline as saline implants, they have multiple shells, rather than just one, making them structured. Saline is inserted between each shell. This structure results in an implant that feels and moves more naturally. Another benefit to structured implants is their added safety. The periareolar approach conceals the scar in a natural border between the areola and the uncolored breast skin. However, this approach generally traverses more breast tissue than any other. Because the breast is a gland composed of ducts that converge to the nipple and open to the outside environment, it is exposed to the normal bacteria that covers the skin and lining of all living organisms like people.

Performing breast augmentation surgery through this tissue could potentially expose the implant to these bacteria. In addition, this tissue is highly vascular contains blood vesselsresulting in more bruising and swelling after surgery. The transaxillary approach is performed with an incision hidden at the highest point in the axillary armpit hollow. Patients may desire this approach because it leaves no visible scar on the breast mound. This surgery is performed with the assistance of an endoscope small camera to visualize the operative site. The major disadvantage of this approach is that it allows the least amount of alterations of the breast parenchyma or skin envelope.

This approach is suitable only for breast augmentation patients who are most concerned about minimizing any visible scars on the breast mound and who require no parenchymal modification or lift. I do not generally recommend this approach for the placement of silicone gel implants. Implant Location Breast implants may be placed in front of, or partially behind the pectoralis major muscle. The benefits of placing the implant behind the muscle are multiple: The muscle adds cover to the implant, decreasing the possibility of implant visibility through the skin in the upper and inner chest ; Implants placed behind the muscle have a lower risk of developing capsular contracture abnormal hardness and visibility of the normal capsule that forms around all implants ; Possibly improved accuracy and sensitivity of mammograms compared to implants placed over the muscle.

Placement over the muscle may result in a better result in some patients who have mild sagging of the breasts; however, adequacy of tissue cover is more important and this can be more assured by under the muscle placement.

Breast dallas Augmentation

Therefore, the vast majority of patients desiring breast augmentation will fare better with under the muscle placement. Implant Type Silicone and Saline Breast Implants I offer breast augmentation surgery with both silicone and saline breast implants. Silicone breast implants are made of silicone gel and encased in a silicone rubber shell. Previously, silicone implants had been suspected of causing systemic health problems; however, multiple studies and expert-review panels have shown that these claims were false. Silicone implants have been safely used by plastic surgeons in Europe for years, and Augmentation breast dallas American patients can once again take advantage of the natural look and feel of silicone breast implants.

Saline implants will generally look and feel less natural than silicone implants. If you are uncertain about the type of implants you want, it is best to discuss your concerns with a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast augmentation. Breast implants are available with a smooth or textured surface and are either round or anatomically shaped. Some older data suggests that Textured implants may decrease the risk of capsular contracture, an abnormal hardening of a capsule around breast implants. The vast majority of patients will achieve the softest, most natural appearing and feeling breasts with smooth round silicone implants.

The majority of breast augmentation procedures performed in the United States today are down with smooth round implants. There are also tear drop shaped or anatomic breast implants. Many patients assume that tear drop shaped or anatomic implants will look more natural; in fact, with well performed breast augmentation surgery, both types of implants can look very natural; also, because all anatomic implants are textured, some people may think they look more stuck-on and less natural. Breast Augmentation with Lift Patients with more than minimal sag to their breasts may not achieve the best possible result with a breast augmentation alone. Patients falling into this category frequently include those who have had significant changes in the breast volume and shape in the past.

Postoperative breast shape is mostly determined by where the implant is placed at surgery.

If the implant is high on the chest, the upper breast will be full. If the implant is placed lower, the upper breast will be flatter. Generally, implant profiles are low, medium, Auugmentation high profile: When a patient wants a small implant, a lower breazt is normally employed to make sure there is enough width to match the native breast. Conversely, if a woman wants a large augmentation, a high-profile implant is used to limit the width so the implant does not extend too far laterally. Implant Position Breast implants are placed either beneath the breast subglandular or beneath the pectoralis major muscle submuscular.

Subglandular placement is easier for the surgeon and is associated with less postoperative pain for the patient. Unfortunately, placement of the implant under the breast is associated with an increased tendency for the body to form scar tissue around the implant, resulting in the implant and the breast feeling hard. Additionally, implants in this position can cause thinning of the overlying breast tissue.

The consequence of this is if the implant is ever removed, the center of the breast may appear sunken. For this reason, it is preferable to place the implant under the pectoralis muscle. Not only is the implant more likely to feel soft in this location, there are also fewer problems with visible rippling due to the implant being farther from the skin. Finally, most radiologists feel mammograms are more accurate in patients whose implants are underneath the muscle.

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