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It all works hand-in-hand with the churches and political leaders at the point, where elections are coming up. Ron Hubbardas well as new age beliefs and the sexual revolution. The Central Scrutinizer sings the last song on the album in his "regular voice", and joins in a long musical number with most of the other people that worked with Zappa around Plot[ edit ] At the beginning of the album, in Act 1, we are introduced to " The Central Scrutinizer ", the album's narrator, who brings us a "special presentation" on music's bad influences on man. We are introduced to Joe, the main character in the presentation. Joe used to be the lead singer in a garage band, which eventually broke up " Joe's Garage ".

Joe continues playing his music until a neighbor calls the police, who tell Joe to "stick closer to church-oriented social activities. One day, Mary skips the church club and goes to the Armory. She becomes a roadie for a band called Toad-O "Crew Slut".

Eventually, Mary gets sick of being a roadie and is grls in Miami. Mary wins first place in the contest and wins fifty bucks, enough money to go home. He learns German, dresses like a housewife and goes to a club called the "Closet", filled with sexual appliances. They go back to Sy's apartment and have sex, only for Joe to kill Sy accidentally during oral sex "Sy Borg".

Having given all his money to Hoover, Joe cannot pay to fix Sy and is arrested and sent to a special prison filled with people arrested due to music, who spend all day "plooking each other". Joe is eventually "plooked" by the executives at the prison "Keep It Greasey". Having "a long time to go before [he's] paid [his] debt to society", he decides to be "sullen and withdrawn" and sits around dreaming up imaginary guitar notes "Outside Now"until he is released from prison. In Act 3, Joe is released from prison into a dystopian society where music has been made illegal and "[walks] through the parking lot in a semi-catatonic state", dreaming guitar notes.

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