Female masturbation technicues

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Female Masturbation Techniques

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Vary how many fingers you use one, two, three or four Switch between direct and indirect contact This masturbation technique is perfect to use during any doggy style sex position if you want to add in a little extra clitoral stimulation. You can find 11 different doggy style sex positions to try here. Fantastic Fun With Four Fingers This may be the most used and effective masturbation technique of the 14 listed here, as you will have four fingers running over and rubbing your clit, making it easy to climax. Performing this technique is a simple case of holding your four fingers together and rubbing them over your clit and vagina in a circular motion as demonstrated above.

You can rub in small circles to mostly focus on your clit, or your can use larger circles to stimulate your labia, U spot and the rest of your vagina too. Check it out here to learn how. This masturbation technique is also great if you like giving yourself extra stimulation during sex when you can easily access your clit. Of course, your man can also take over during sex and use this technique on you. Doggy Style check it out here is the perfect position for this as both of you will have easy, unhindered access to your clitoris. To stimulate it you just need to gently stroke it with the tip of your finger like in the illustration below.

While rubbing only your U Spot is super pleasurable, an even better masturbation technique is to rub softly from your U Spot right up to your clitoris and back down again demonstrated in the diagram below. For some women, the U Spot can extend higher than in this illustration, to right below the clitoris. Women have been using this method to masturbate for decades [ 2 ]. All you need is a faucet that you can maneuver your vagina under so that the water can freely flow over it or a shower head that you can direct towards your vagina. So experiment with the settings on your shower head to find out what feels best. One of the benefits of masturbating in the shower is that if you are trying to make yourself squirt, everything gets quickly washed away by the water.

And if you want to learn how to make yourself squirt, then check out the squirting guide here. Under The Hood Some women have a super-sensitive clitoris. If you are one of these women, then you may find that using many of my masturbation techniques to be too uncomfortable…and possibly even painful.

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Alternatively, you may want to use some of these fingering techniques instead. No problem, there is a pretty simple solution. While pulling back your clitoral hood is not exactly a masturbation technique; it will allow you to use your other hand or a vibrator to stimulate it more directly. This can also be helpful in certain positions during sex if you want more intense clitoral stimulation. You can learn more clitoral stimulation techniques here. Pulse in and out, using quite deep pressure. Move one finger in small circles around the perineum.

Rest your fingers just outside the entrance to the vagina. Explore this area of the opening — there are a lot of nerve endings here and circling around the outside can be highly stimulating. If you can reach, use your own fingers to explore your g-spot and try a range of stimulation techniques to see how much sensation you can feel inside. Try circles, long strokes, pulses and vibrations around the g-spot and see what feels best. Combine g-spot stimulation with clitoral stimulation for maximum pleasure. Use Toys We believe that hands are the best sexual tool ever invented!

Technicues Female masturbation

But there are lots of female masturbation techniques that can only be explored with toys. Check out our page on sex toys to get linked up to some of our favorite toys. This will vary from person to person. Orgasm type Type of masturbation clitoral Most people use their fingers to play with their clitoris, but vibrators and other toys can also bring pleasure during solo play. Right before you orgasm, you may feel an intense need to pee — only the contractions are around your anal sphincter. You can use both hands to play with your vagina and your clitoris, or a combo of sex toy and fingers. These areas, known as erogenous zones, can cause pleasurable sensations throughout your body when played with.

Think about turning down the lights, lighting some candles, and listening to relaxing music to get the mood going. But sometimes, that may not be enough or it may not happen at all! So keep a tube of lube on hand to increase your pleasure. Shop for lube now. Let your mind wander. It may go without saying, but you can turn yourself on by simply thinking about that hottie you met last week.

Let your mind fantasize about people or situations that send tingles down your spine. Playing with your erogenous zones tecynicues think your nipples, ears, or thighs — can shoot sparks of pleasure throughout your body. Give your usual sex toys a break. Some people, for example, like to stimulate themselves by using a showerhead on their clitoris or rubbing their vulva against a pillow. Consider erotica or pornography. If you want to turn up the heat, read a dirty book or watch a sexy video.

Your clitoris is packed with thousands of nerve endings, making it the most sensitive part of your genitals. Clitoral orgasm Massage the fleshy area on the top of your pubic bone, then run masturbtaion fingers along the outer and inner lips of your vulva. Feel free to Ffmale the temperature of the water from warm to cold to heighten your senses. Be careful not to scald yourself though! The intense pressure on your clit or up your vag will be amazing. Some of the most popular sex toys for women are vibrators and dildos. We recommend a thruster - a sex toy that not only vibrates on your clit or goes inside your vagina, but actually pumps inside you with the press of a button.

Get a large packet of batteries. These things die out when you need them most. Sex toys can be made with jelly-like plastic sheaths are made with phthalates — those nasty chemicals that some water bottles are made with — and you don't want them to can eventually seep into your system.

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