Vintage watch appraisal

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Wafch are the best in service, before and after the sale. G — Pristine Mint: They are sealed in factory boxes with tags, papers, and other items still intact. Some pristine mint watches are also assigned a rarity grade, meaning they are of great technical or historical importance. G-9 — Mint Plus: These watches are still in their factory boxes and are in exceptional condition. A watch is considered to be in mint condition if it has been used briefly, then stored.

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These watches often come with their boxes, and they have no external scratches or screwdriver Vintafe from having been opened. G-7 — Near Mint: A near-mint watch is completely original, but faint scratch marks are visible with magnification. Movement may show signs of having been cleaned and oiled. G-6 — Extra Fine: An extra-fine antique watch has no dents, hairlines, or other cosmetic issues.

It shows minimal signs of wear and may or may not come with its original box. All parts are original, including any used in repairs. Original case, dial, and movement are intact, although a new crystal and new hands may be present. Faint hairlines may be seen, but dial has no chips.

These elements set brands apart from others and can fetch very high resale prices. Many watch owners are disappointed when they realize their watch is worth only a fraction of the price they put in it initially. Also, prices fluctuate over time as offer can diminish for a specific watch. If prices are low for your timepiece, it may not be the right time for selling it and it sometimes is wise to wait until the market is ready to buy your property for what it is really worth. The criterion on the left will play into the watch estimate but it is important for you to have a clear idea what you intend to do with your watch.

I want to sell my watch Antiquorum is the world leading expert in selling vintage and modern watches at auctions. It all starts with a free appraisal of your watch using the form above. I want to get an insurance for my watch Antiquorum will not deliver certificates of authenticity for your watch but as the leading expert in selling at auctions for more than 30 years, Antiquorum works with the best watch experts and can help you finding the right person for your needs.

Watch appraisal Vintage

Feel free to fill in the above form for a first valuation of your watch or call us at our Geneva office: Most valuable are highly elaborate painted, enameled and gold watch cases, particularly with precious stones. Antique watches with intricate designs and attractive in appearance will garner more interest and thus greater value. Of course, the most desirable solid gold antique pocket watches will have much higher appraisal values. An antique wristwatch with the original platinum or gold watch band in good condition will greatly increase its value.

Watch cases without the original movement will be significantly diminished in value. Authentic gold cases should be stamped on the inside back cover of the watch, indicated by 14K, 18K, or If there is no mark, a GF mark, or if the cover is stamped with a guarantee, it is not gold, most likely gold plated. Age of the antique watch is certainly a consideration, but not always a sole determinant of value - condition, brand and quality will often outweigh age. Appraisal prices change constantly as a result of fluctuation in the gold and silver markets.

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