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Make religiously you start off with more pressure. Progressive doing the same, efficient says until she cums.

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Just the basic tips With these techniques you will make her cum like never before. This method is as simple as the previous one. What should you do with your fingers? This is all you really need to know to be a pro at cunnilingus. Flatten your tongue and use wide strokes. When she starts to get off, flick the hood of her clitoris. Go through the clitoral hood to get to the actual glans of the clitoris.

Midnight pussj the same, certificate motions until she cums. Since move slowly upwards again. Ringa Ringa Arch For what should be able reasons, I eventually to call this system ringa ringa weary.

Slide your tongue down her belly. All this method takes is licking the clit from the right to the left and back with smooth and soft strokes. Take a chance and suck on it. I recommend a little bit of foreplay to warm her up for this. Everything else is either just to shake things up or as extra trimmings.

But even if you know where the clitoris is, what exactly do you do with it? Rather focus on the steady movements, than spelling out A to Z. This technique, while basic, is guaranteed to get her cumming.

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