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How To Create a Vintage Style Large Letter Postcard Design

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Select the Magic Wand tool and make a selection of the first letter face. Continue the process with each letter of the place name to create a series of individual letter layers. Copy the updated image into the postcard document and position it above the next letter layer. Make a new selection of all the original black text shapes. Scale the image to size, then drag the photograph layer below the postcard texture in the Layers panel. Enter 2px in the options menu to create an enlarged copy of the text shapes.

Give these potscards shapes a light grey fill. Paste in an alternative picture from your collection. Refro over to Illustrator and take a copy of the text artwork. Open the next picture from your collection and paste it into the Smart Object of the photograph document to apply the painting effect filters. Change the blending mode of the noise layer to overlay, then reduce the opacity to tone down the impact of the graininess.

Configure the Luminance to 10, Color Ivntage to and Fade to 0, then set the Source selection to the name of the current document, followed by Merged for the Layer option. Switch the fill and stroke selections around in the toolbar to give this shape a blue outline. Modify the Stylization to 1. Copy and paste the photograph into the postcard document and position the layer above the first letter. Double click the Background layer to convert it into a standard layer.

Vintage postcards Retro

Apply a clipping mask and position the image to suit. Change the fill colour of these selected shapes to a bright red or orange swatch. Repeatedly right click and select Ungroup until the option no longer appears postcardds order to completely break the object apart into individual pieces. Nudge the copies down and right using the cursor keys, then change the fill to the same light grey swatch that was previously used to add a simple drop shadow effect. Repeat the steps of processing a photograph and clipping it within the letter face for each of the individual letter layers. This adjustment will alter the bright colours of the Illustrator artwork according to the hues of the background photo to allow those bright swatches to better blend with this vintage theme.

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