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It is about finding a pathway toward submission together. It is not about power but about offering each other an exchange of unconditional love. It is a love that no matter the infraction, it can prevail. No matter the Tumbs, it can botton. It gives partners the security and safety every marriage needs. Boot camp is a step-by-step guide to submission and it is crucial in getting the mindset right and bringing your marriage into balance. We recommend a day short boot camp that looks something like this: Spanking should baree long, hard and include many instruments. You are setting the tone for what is spnak.

If you lie to me, you will receive a minimum of 50 lashes with the cane. Issue that punishment so your expectations and the consequences are clear. Do this with each item and assign a tool to it. She mush be spanked to tears for the message to get through. If she is not crying, you are not doing it hard or long or fast enough. When the session is finished, send her back to the corner for a minimum of 3 minutes. Do not make love or be intimate until she has had corner time to process the meaning of her actions and the resulting consequences.

When the 3 minutes is up then you may indulge in intimacy in any way you like. Tell her what you expect and the things you will not tolerate. Take off her clothing, have her lie on her back, raise her legs into the air so that you and she are looking at each other and her bottom is exposed to you, and give her a hard, fast, hand spanking while maintaining eye contact. This lets her know that you see her, all of her, the good and the bad, that you love her for who she is, that she needn't ever hide anything from you. This eye contact while you are spanking her is a very important step in her being able to trust you.

Submission is built on trust so she must see that you will look her in the face even when she has done something wrong and love her enough to relieve her of the guilt and shame by punishing her.

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Again, spank her to tears and then share in intimacy and hold each other through the night. Use similar techniques for Day 2, except instead of focusing on the behaviors that will bring on punishment, focus on past behaviors Thukbs which she believes she needs to atone. Common ones are lies, past fights, inappropriate flirtations, infidelity, manipulations, etc. Address these without anger or blaming or fighting. She must tell you what each one is and then one-by-one in separate sessions throughout the day and night, you clean whatever it is from her slate. This allows her to forgive herself once and for all and to put the shame away. These sessions can be emotional and they must be to tears.

Use similar techniques from Day 2, except today is about you and your feelings and clearing your slate from the frustrations and pain bage the past. Some of those things might be the same things that she mentioned yesterday and some may be applicable only to you. Address each one and express how they Tyumbs you feel. One-by-one in separate sessions throughout the day and Tuumbs allow her to come to you and Thumbs spank bare bottom herself for the sake of your restitution. She must bare herself as a gift to you, giving her body for your cleansing and the cleansing of the marriage.

If Day 1 and Day 2 have gone well, this will be something she desperately blttom to do. These spankings are true punishment for her and healing for you. Allow them to resurface and instead of using hateful words that will demean and crush the marriage, use your belt safely and sternly across her bottom to say what you feel and reveal a cleansed and renewed bond. This is a difficult day for husbands because it entails tapping into your emotions and then letting them out. But, when you do this, it will free your mind and unburden your heart in ways you never imagined. After boot camp, it is important that you develop a consistent and constant schedule of discipline.

A daily reminder spanking is the best, most successful route. If you can't do that, then work out a schedule to be able to do it on days when you are together. Get a spanking machine and watch via skype or facetime if needed. Teach self-spanking if that is a viable option with your spouse. If you travel a lot like me, your wife's bottom should be bright red every day you are home to make up for the days you are gone. Consumer's Spanking Video Reviews does independent reviews of spanking videos and websites. A Creative Spanked Wife is an excellent blog featuring spanking stories and art by a well-spanked wife.

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