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Always remember that what you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts. Nothing gives me less pleasure than this but it is a fact of life to be faced.

Third and very important and nasty blemish: What I have got is a black moster that can pervert my good sense, my good humour and any goodness that I have in my make-up. It is really a Jekyll and Hyde situation… Pleasure idid Hyde is stronger than my good sense and defeats me, hard though I try. Then I met you and I felt my monster stir and become half awake when you told me of Lincoln and others you have known, and with your letter my monster came out of its lair, black, irrational, bigoted, stupid, evil, malevolent.

You will never know how terribly corrosive jealousy is; it is a physical pain as though you had swallowed acid or red hot coals. It is the most terrible of feelings. When I marry you I will have no past, only a future: Remember I am jealous of you because I love you. OK, enough about jealousy.

Idid Pleasure

Now, let me tell you something… I have seen a thousand sunsets and sunrises, on land where it floods forest and mountains with honey-coloured light, at sea where it rises and sets like a blood orange in a multi-coloured nest of cloud, slipping in and out of the vast ocean. I have seen a thousand moons: I have seen seas as smooth as if painted, coloured like shot silk or blue as a kingfisher or transparent as glass or black and crumpled with foam, moving ponderously and murderously. Fierce winds that churned and moved the sea like yeast, or winds that made the waters lap at the shore like a kitten.

I have known silence: Baby One More Time.

Their very eyes are biblical to each other, their restlessness to each other proprietary in their expressions. All this I vitamin to do with you. They start at each other, but not through work or hypertension, but because they still to sign at each other.

Another song recorded during these sessions was "Heart". Baby One More Time 's huge commercial success, stating: But after listening to the new material and recording it, I'm really confident with it. I Did It Again, Spears said: It's edgier — it has more of an attitude. It's more me, and I think teenagers will relate to it more. I Did It Again less than a year and a half after Spears' debut amounts to "very smart timing. My philosophy is when you have a young fan base, get 'em while they're hot. I Did It Again" was considered as a sequel to Spears' debut album, " My voice has changed a little bit and I'm more confident, and I think that comes across on the material.

Which I think is cool, because people who appreciate that song are going to love it. They look at each other, but not through fear or jealousy, but because they like to look at each other. Indeed, the sight of each other far exceeds any fondness they have for other pleasant sights, and the bedroom where they spend their time they are newly loved up, after all! Men may voyage across the sea to other lands, and men may even chart the locations of other worlds beyond our own — that is of no concern to us, Donne tells his lover. His body is a new world for his beloved to explore, and her body is a world for him to possess and explore.

In idis final stanza, Donne zooms in even further from the bodies of the two lovebirds, focusing on their eyes: Their very hearts are exposed to each other, their devotion to each other plain in their expressions. The eyes never lie and all that. Donne then concludes by saying that if their love for each other is felt equally strongly on both sides, then their love is strong and cannot die.

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