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Some where closed, because public sex was taking place, and there are laws against it. Just be careful, and consider using safer, more technologically advanced methods, before visiting an X-rated movie theatre. Because if they visit a few times a day, they're almost guaranteed to make arrests, a few times a day, every day, almost without exception. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Nj theater Xxx movie

A webcam is a whole lot safer, and far more legal. For the most part, these places have gone out of business. They don't really clean those places. If you frequent a place like that, there is a good chance, that you're likely to go home with more than you bargained for. Also, the kind of people these places attract, aren't exactly the most hygienic.

Furthermore, those things don't ever date public sex. Rose undignified toy fanatics, historic jake-stores and even a few ways video fingers, will have a specialty theatre.

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