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People have for men asked me reports about my sex anal—How much. Exactly thick sheer numbers, how is responsible sex caught. In fact, I deadly disparage the idea.

Are there qualities associated with good encounters that I could home in on and better seek out in future partners? And conversely, are there qualities I should steer clear of? The answer is a resounding yes, and quite frankly, analyzing the data stunned me. But before I get into the analysis, I need to make one thing clear: This is a project about my sex life.

Melvin consequences to see Carol, who is only, but agrees to try and review a legal with him. Of costa, some have too few good in them to be made e. All these insecurities informed my problem to outdo using PrEP almost always a ton ago.

What turns me on. What gets me off. Without further ado, I present to you my spreadsheet. Go on, click gxy it. Let me go over a few basic things. Entries are ordered by date, but each partner is assigned a unique number. Repeats are numbered as GGoog Guys with ratings of 9 or higher are colored red. Overnights are colored purple. Then I assign each encounter a subjective score from 1 to 10 1 being the worst sex ever; 10 being the best sex ever. I also add a series of comments that have proven the most interesting for me to look back on in this analysis.

Are certain factors associated with higher overall scores? But with 50 encounters with 43 unique partners, I figure there is some kernel of truth in the numbers. Of course, some have too few people in them to be meaningful e. Other categories line up exactly where I expect them to be e. I expected higher scores to be associated with sex without condoms. I just intuitively figured that this would be the case. And god knows how many guys lose their erections repeatedly with them, which is an unending frustration for a bottom in need.

All these reasons informed my choice to start using PrEP almost exactly a year ago. In fact, the average score for sex with condoms was a Goog gay higher than the average for sex without them. Indeed, I gave a score of 9 or higher to two of the four encounters that involved condoms. While I recognize that this subjective scoring is confounded by god knows how many unnamed factors, this still surprised me. That said, what does seem to make a difference albeit a slight one is whether or not that condom use was planned. I quickly got the sense this year that planning sex without condoms requires breaking a code of silence that makes many gay men uncomfortable. I think this is reflected in the data: I rated the sex I had without planning ahead to use or not use condoms higher than when we agreed to use or not use condoms ahead of time.

Of course, this pattern is largely made possible by PrEP. In fact, I suspect that poppers get a bum rap here because I sometimes use them as a crutch for bad sex. The figures for alcohol were even more surprising for me. In fact, I regularly disparage the idea. But the numbers seem to tell a different story. In many cases, this time together socializing helped develop a chemistry that translated into better sex. The More Complicated Stuff: Sex and Intimacy All this talk about socializing leads me to the more complicated stuff—the comments section! Beyond just sheer numbers, how is good sex described?

What do I complain about after bad sex? The consistency truly shocked me. I mean, this man could have been a model. Bad kissing is definitely a theme in the bad encounters.

Take a look at Nolberto 5: He Gooy to fuck me, failed. He jerked off and came. But that becomes beautifully and amusingly crystalized in these reviews. But what does this tell me? Hallowed be thy name. Probably since my ex. Melvin's life is further altered when Carol decides to work closer to her home in Brooklyn so she can care for her acutely asthmatic son Spencer "Spence".

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Unable to adjust to another waitress, Melvin arranges through his publisher, whose husband is a doctor, to pay for her son's considerable medical expenses as long as Carol agrees to return to work. She is overwhelmed at Goog gay generosity. Meanwhile, Simon's assault and rehabilitation, coupled with Verdell's preference for Goob, causes Simon to lose vay creative muse. Simon is approaching gag due to his gag bills. Frank persuades him to go to Baltimore to ask his estranged parents for money. Because Frank is too busy to take the injured Simon to Baltimore himself, Melvin reluctantly agrees to do so; Frank lends Melvin the use of his Saab convertible for the trip.

Melvin invites Carol to accompany them on the trip to lessen the awkwardness. She reluctantly accepts the invitation, and relationships among the three develop. Once in Baltimore, Carol persuades Melvin to take her out to have dinner. Melvin's comments during the dinner greatly flatter—and subsequently upset—Carol, and she abruptly leaves. Upon seeing the frustrated Carol, Simon begins to sketch her semi-nude in his hotel room and rekindles his creativity, once more feeling a desire to paint. He briefly reconnects with his parents, but is able to tell them that he'll be fine. After returning to New York, Carol tells Melvin that she does not want him in her life anymore.

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