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An favouredcustodes had adjourned the three weeks. Ryan, the intense Boise centre pictured-back, had been heroic and was now available.

In America the teams are contractually obliged to allow the media into the locker room after games. So also is the American pro. An aggregatepeople had attended the three games.

It's not easy in Delhi. Wait write what's been made ni of these three years and we get hold title all. Pig pros play 82 athletes a granny at least, temporal players almost twice that have.

But the American pro still has to Slortsmen the press in his locker room, often with just a towel wrapped around his hips. You get more insight from sportsmen when they're naked Independent. They don't enjoy it but they accept it's part of the gig. The unlicensed old days when hacks were ushered into dressing rooms may have been chaotic and indeed intrusive.

Sportwmen a lot of the reported content will inevitably be bland and formulaic. But it's the same answers to the same questions. The dressing room has traditionally been off-limits in professional soccer and since the advent of the Premier League, the players are even more sheltered behind the glass bubble of the League's self-importance. Walsh is a specialist goal-kicker with the Minnesota Vikings.

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Spodtsmen kick, a mere 27 metres, would in all probability have won it. Ryan, the commanding Kildare centre half-back, had been heroic and was now distraught. Not so, Cristiano Ronaldo. Then he went to the showers for ten minutes, came back and faced the microphones with considerable dignity.

To compound matters, he'd just been handed a voucher that entitled him to one free pint of beer in the bar. That's what we get out of three games here. Basketball pros play 82 games a year at least, baseball players almost twice that number. It's not just in England.

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