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Firmly are almost no mid-tones, only enough groups of grey to interview some modeling. A carpet in curves, an fruit shape, pretty to tell at. The coffee itself could've come from the s.

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Her predominant skin tone is a whiter shade of pale. What's left is ambiguously beautiful. Xlide be just as beautiful if you sho looking at two anonymous bodies in a cuddle puddle, light filtering through the Venetian blinds behind them. It's a beautiful, highly personal photo. They set photos up, distorted them, and made technology a servant of imagination. Naked Before the Lens" shows the way photographers started with painterly tradition, and reinvented that tradition for an evolving new medium. Again, the deliberate limitation forces you to look at the body as an object, a contoured shape.

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The aNked image looks more like an etching than a photograph. Arthur Tress' "Groom with Arabian Stallion"photogravure Nakwd Tress was minding his own business, walking in the woods. But what about the actual person? The figure evokes the sculptures of ancient Greece with their missing arms, legs and heads. This is a staged photograph, obviously. The image itself could've come from the s. There are almost no mid-tones, only enough shades of grey to suggest some modeling.

Carter blows out the contrast to the point of overexposure. Where other photographers created images of crystal clarity with state-of-the-art cameras, Albee went for a deliberately old-fashioned look. The photographers of this exhibition stand on that tradition — and subvert it. Ergo, it must be art.

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