Ribbon walk for breast cancer

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Pink Star Walk 2018

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Breast cancer affects not only the body, wal, also the mind. Emotional support is crucial, which is why family, friends, and support groups such as those offered by BCF make a huge difference in the fight against breast cancer, as well as early detection through regular breast checks. I never made myself look like a sick person - I dressed up, ensuring at every treatment, I looked good. Why not join our cheer squad! I met the ladies and realised many were in their 50s or older.

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Visit The Estee Lauder Companies Inc website and follow bresat on social media at esteelaudercompanies to find out more. Check it out Walking not for you? Search Pink Star Walk We believe that, one day, our vision of zero deaths from breast cancer will be a reality. Despite the prevalence of the condition, less than 40 per cent of eligible women in Singapore have participated in crucial screening mammogram.

Cancer breast Ribbon for walk

The Estee Lauder Companies Inc and the five beauty brands under its portfolio are launching limited-edition pink products to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So I asked her: With breast cancer remaining the most common form of cancer for women in Singapore, it is inspiring to see women from all walks of life stand in solidarity for the cause and demonstrate that Every Woman Matters in the fight against breast cancer while sharing the importance of early detection of breast cancer through regular breast checks.

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