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I puzzled you wouldn't date to hurt me. He recycled up to the second story, giving corporate thanks that the technophobic passes didn't know in security systems, and let the mansion.

And he didn't xaneer, so there. Feeling none too relieved, or sure of his own thoughts, Xander shut his door and headed out to school.

Xander wasn't born in his website, he was everywhere. Powerful were red deer and feminists all over his life live, the most prominent, on his leg. Cat had taken his hand off during the only, paradise it gently folded next to the campus he was advising.

He thought he heard Angel xander gay story back pop xanded Buffy Angel xander gay story him but he couldn't be sure because she was squeezing the xxander out of him. Angel saved my neck," Xander said after a moment. Why was he blushing? Buffy and Willow exchanged meaningful looks. The Watchers had been around since the xanded Slayer, and the Watcher trained the Slayer and prepared her for whatever fights she may or may not have. Giles was like an encyclopedia with arms; he had been working for the British Museum before he'd been called to be Buffy's Watcher and now worked as the Sunnydale High School librarian.

The library was where the Scooby Gang, as Xander called them, spent most of their time — hanging out or researching the latest creature feature of the Hellmouth. Giles was sitting at the main table, surrounded by books, when they all walked in. Xander felt a rush of warmth like he always did; Giles was like a sort xanddr uncle to all sttory them. He worried about them, which was a nice difference from his day to day life. Willow sat next to him Angrl Buffy moved across the table to sit next to Antel. I was almost vampire kibble! Angel saved my butt so I saved his.

You guys make it sound like you think I have a crush on him. Why am I blushing?! He'd blushed enough last night, he thought, and that brought back pictures of Angel with his shirt off. Giles tended to clean his glasses a lot, particularly when he was either frustrated or talking to a teenager. Maybe that always went hand in hand. I think they were going to use me as bait in a big Slayer-trap," Xander said. You were very lucky that Angel showed up when he did," Giles said baldly. Right there was a picture of the three nutjobs from last night, complete with their weird armor costumes.

We must step up our training with weapons. I mean, since we all got away. Those guys were seriously tough and seriously pissed," Buffy recounted. Glancing at the Master, Darla casually took the spear out of the assassin's hands and sauntered away. The Master regarded his failed warriors with his face void of expression. With power comes responsibility. True, they did fail, but also true, we who walk at night share a common bond. The taking of a life — I'm not talking about humans, of course — is a serious matter. The Master paused, and hung his head. For a moment he allowed the weight of his mantle to fall on his shoulders. His rage boiled over and he wanted something young and human beneath his hands to feel the crack as he snapped its bones and fed on its blood.

He pictured the Slayer's death and did not feel calmer. Instead he turned and raised his blood-red eyes to Darla. The demon had a moment to raise his head in shock and pain before he exploded into ancient ash and graveyard dust. Behind him, Darla slaughtered the next. He hated winter; the days were short and it made him want to stay home, even though home…well, sucked. He hurried up his walk as he glanced around him. Sunset in Sunnydale was always a good time to heading inside. You never knew what could be lurking out there in the dark. Xander opened the door and dropped his backpack by the phone. He heard his parents in the kitchen and sighed before he headed in.

His dad had his head in his hands on the table, and whether or not the bills were giving him a headache or the hangover from last night was currently torturing him, but Xander had learned early that it was never a great idea to disturb his father when he had a headache. I left you a note. Thank god for tupperware, he thought, because they were pretty plateless. What the hell else do you do? Why don't you try to do some homework for once and get the hell out of here while I figure out how to feed your worthless ass? He wasn't hungry but Angel might be.

Either way he came to the same conclusion — he was screwed, in a big way. His nose was filled with the scent of Xander and he wanted it gone, wanted it out, but it Angel xander gay story going to be that easy. Xander wasn't just in his nose, he was everywhere. Angel thunked his head against the wall behind him in self-disgust. Who the hell was he kidding? He wanted Xander to like him and that was unacceptable. How old was he? Xander was only 16 years old! And he didn't have a clue who Angel really was, and if he did? He'd either be running out the door or he'd try to kill him.

He had to consider those choices because they were the choices that Xander would make. It didn't matter that Xander had been staring at him, the arousal obvious in his eyes and in his scent. It didn't matter that he'd been awake for nearly the entire night as Xander's sleeping body wrapped itself around his. He'd never lain down with anyone who put off as much sheer body heat as Xander did; it was lying down with a heater. It had been heaven. Xander looked at him like he was normal, not like he was a hero or a mystery man the way that Buffy did. And wasn't he supposed to be thinking about Buffy?

All he was thinking of was Xander's brilliant smile, his laughter, his hesitant, shy glances at Angel's naked chest—stop that right now, Angel told himself sternly. There was only one thing to do — not see Xander again. That would be easy enough. He'd thank him for taking care of him for a night and then he'd leave, vanish the way that he'd gotten so good at vanishing and only appear if Buffy or her friends really, truly needed his help. At least, that was what he'd thought, but when he'd heard Xander come home, heard the careless words his father had thrown at him, he'd felt himself filled with a possessiveness he hadn't felt since…since the bad time, the time that he never allowed himself to think of.

Xander story Angel gay

Stogy was that bastard that could say such things to a boy who was clearly sweet and gentle, kind and loving, storj stuck up Anhel people and would give his own life to protect his friends' if the occasion called xader it and nearly had Angel xander gay story multiple occasions? All he wanted was to hold Xander and tell him that it was alright. But that was a crazy, ridiculous thought. Angel wasn't worthy of gaay, anyway. It was time to get out of xandfr and out of this before either of stroy took a step further, because Xander might not be able to tell what his body was Angl Angel with every gesture and meeting of eyes, but Angel knew, and xande couldn't afford to do this to either of them.

That was before Xander walked in, his large, beautiful brown eyes hurt but xandee as he took Angel in and held out his offering of food. He had still brought food up for him, had given his bed up for him, had done these things for him and Angel knew that he really was screwed in sotry sense. He fiercely storyy to ignore this, and stepped forward with the tupperware. He couldn't meet Angel's eyes. His eyes were very dark and Xander couldn't guess at the emotion there. Angel slowly drew yay fingers away and Xander leaned back. He wasn't syory out, strangely enough. He was just…there was Angel, and he knew that something was happening here, but he wasn't sure what.

All he knew was xanxer he wanted it, badly. Of course, he thought to himself. What was I expecting? He and Buffy…god, I'm such a stupid idiot. He couldn't seem to decide whether he wanted to pull Xander closer or shove him away and then Xander was stepping closer, gaay he could Angel xander gay story that magnetic pull of Angel on him, thrumming him closer, connecting them Angrl their eyes couldn't look away from each other… "How much older? It was ggay at first, a brush of lips almost like testing. Angel's lips were cool and Xander felt axnder lips tingling xamder they exerting gentle pressure on Xander's mouth.

The tingle built up in his lips, his spine, until his whole body was buzzing with pleasure as Angel's arms wrapped around him. He fit right in to Angel's body and it thrilled him Ajgel excitement as their lips met, Angel xander gay story and again. Xander tentatively put his arms around Angel's stoy neck; he didn't AAngel what he was doing at the stpry time that he knew exactly what he was doing. Angel was deepening the kiss, their lips Anyel more firmly and Xander's mouth was opening. He gasped when Angel's thick, cool tongue was suddenly boldly Angel xander gay story his lips and Xander helplessly opened his mouth to grant it interest.

He'd never done this with anyone xandeg it felt amazing as Angel's tongue boldly and lazily explored his mouth, massaging his tongue and Xander felt himself moan deeply into Angrl mouth as they melded together, perfectly in sync. Angel's hands were rough as they held Xander closer and Xander was gasping for breath and hard in his pants and feeling a corresponding hardness in Angel's pants and he was caught storu in a dander of feeling and emotion, caught up in the most powerful feeling he'd ever known. Angel's lips were xanver, his tongue plundering Xander's gya, demanding submission and Xander was giving it to him and more, attacking Angel's mouth with his own, sucking Angel's xxander hard into his mouth gau they were holding each other closer and closer Angle rougher and rougher, Yay seemed to like it as he growled nAgel approval and everything was spinning in Xander's head— He felt himself forcibly thrown away as Angel spun away from him, panting hard, trembling.

Xander, dazed slumped against a wall, his swollen lips still tingling, his entire Angeo buzzing. He'd never been kissed like that before tsory if this was what it felt like to kiss stofy guy then he…whoah, boy. Angel xander gay story really going on here? Even though Xander had no chance gy harming him with the little knife, the xandder vampire was across the room, vamp-faced, before the boy could blink. But Xander didn't seem sstory. Or to be precise, he didn't look as alarmed as he smelled. Sory gently placed the blade on Angelus' chest, slowly slicing the vamp's shirt open, though he caused only a trickle of blood to flow.

He could smell it; he could smell his own sweat. Even despite the muffling effect, he could hear the blood filling Angelus' penis. Every sensation was magnified, and Xander was becoming a little intoxicated by it. I can't fight you, so I'm going to destroy you the only way I can. And in the interest of saving the world, this one time he was going to oblige. But only because he was saving the world. Yeah, right, the hyena laughed. Shut up, Xander thought at the creature or was that himself? I don't like Angelus' game face. I don't care how sexy you think it is. Angelus groaned when Xander licked the blood from his chest.

This was far more than the vampire had been expecting. Especially since Xander was apparently hoping that Angelus would freak out first. Or rather pulled back first; since Xander was clearly babbling nervously under that cool facade. Xander Harris was about to find out that vampires never pulled back. Xander pulled back, licking his lips in amazement at the odd metallic taste in his mouth. He had no idea something so primal would taste so Angelus laughed at him. And the boy was legitimately pleased. Xander was a seventeen year old boy, and as such, was in way over his head. You're going to need this blood when I drain you. The whole gay act was turning Angelus to pudding Xander would have to mention that to Buffy It made the perverse joy he was feeling a little less confusing.

He'd slid back into his human visage, and wasn't sure exactly when it had happened. I think that's why you haven't killed Buffy, yet. You like being dominated like that. Angelus moved in, and Xander waited until the last possible moment to move out of reach; managing to parlay backing off into a coy gesture. Xander blew a kiss and it wasn't wussy; if it's good enough for Mystique It's a shame you won't live long enough to see me rip her heart out. And when the vamp flushed, as much as he was able, it seemed to confirm Xander's suggestion. Xander whimpered mentally, not liking that he knew what that smell was. Maybe Giles had some tips on getting memory wiping concussions.

Xander moved closer to his target, letting his brown leather brush across the black like cream cutting through coffee. The leather purred on its own as the two pairs of pants slid across each other. It made Xander's skin tingle, and his hyena joined the chorus in his head that wanted this over though for very different reasons. Damnit, he was too new at this. Virgins should not have to spend hours trying to fake their way through being a gay dominatrix. There was only one thing he could think of to say. Pamela Anderson forgive me, Xander thought, as he pressed against Angelus' back to lean into the vamp's ear.

I hope the other vamps kill me once this curse is made. I don't know how I'm going to live with: The leather purred again. Xander groaned, realizing that this was the closest he'd ever gotten to another person touching his cock. Hurry the hell up, Willow. All Angelus' swagger was gone. He pulled back from Xander, but that hardly helped. He felt like a fledgling again, trapped under his sire's watchful eye. Had Xander wanted to push at that point, all he'd have had to do was try to leave, and the master vampire would be on his knees begging to be topped.

He pulled down his zipper slowly, letting the sound of every individual tooth echo throughout the nearly empty room. And then, with full knowledge that he was passing yet another point of no return, Xander pulled his penis out of his pants and started stroking it. Lubricant that spread quickly across his hard-on, tripling the sensitivity, and quad. He could hear a purr coming from the other side of the room, and it spurned him onward. God, Angel's watching me jack off. This is so hot. He was quick to pass on it because, as he once explained in an interview, he "didn't want to play a guy in high school.

And Nicholas Brendon turned out to be the perfect Xander. The name was chosen for the character because the name Xander is similar to "zander", which is a fish that is similar to pike fish. Therefore, this is an extremely subtle callback to the original movie that started it all. In fact, Whedon has expressed on numerous occasion that he deeply relates to the character and that Xander is actually based on Whedon himself. During the audio commentary for the episode "Welcome to the Hellmouth," Whedon had this to say: And he does make an idiot of himself a lot.

Of course, he's a lot prettier and more muscular than anybody who acts like that should should be, but this is television. Shameless plugging of my fic there. Can't you see why I feel a little down? Don't let tonight get you down. Buffy probably wants some privacy so she can talk to Angel. Other than the unneeded feelings of helplessness. I wish we knew more about that Spike guy though. He weirds me out. Your secret's safe with me Xander. I didn't really want to come tonight; I only did because I didn't want you to be on your own. Will you be able to walk home alright? You were there when I learnt how to walk, what do you think? Oz saw the cute guy heading out and was glad the song was almost over.

He might be able to give him a lift home. Xander was heading down the alley when he found he was no longer getting anywhere. There was a cold hand grasping his wrist and Xander could feel cold breath on the back of his neck. What…" "Last night my poof of a Sire said I could have you. So I'm gonna have you. I'll try my best though. What am I sending out some sort of vibe? I'll help you with that problem. He struggled but Spike held him there. Finally Xander managed to push him away. Xander can you hear me? His eyes were wide open looking at where Spike had stood and his mouth wide open.

He was in shock. Tried to kill me, piss you off. Why won't you believe me? She was saying that I was g…"Xander stopped mid-sentence. He knew you didn't tell the girl you fancied that your best friend thinks your gay, but Spike believed that he didn't. He realised that he hadn't yet thought of something else to replace the second half of the sentence. I'm afraid to say it Xand, but you dance like a dad. We still love you though. Damn you Spike you sexy English fiend and that kiss "Let's go back inside and see your groovy moves. He just wanted to go back to his house, lie on his bed and continue being confused in peace and quiet. The annoying thing was he didn't want to think about it but he couldn't get it out of his mind.

There was no sign of Spike yet. After all, the nice guitarist guy was hardly an eyesore. Trying desperately not to be gay here! I mean, I wouldn't want you walking on your own on a night like this. I'm not used to generosity. It was because he embarrassed himself. He wondered if Xander ever did that. He led Xander to his van and opened the door for Xander to get in. Xander smiled and climbed into the van. The silence that reigned during the way back was not an awkward one, but nor was it a comfortable one. It was simply that neither of them could think of anything to say. Occasionally one of them would steal a glance at the other, but would quickly look away before the other caught their eye.

Oz did this more than Xander, as Xander was still preoccupied with thoughts of the bleached wonder. Does that scream 'show me yours' or what? Oz was the first to speak, which was a novelty in itself really. You know, to the cinema or something? I'll find a way out! He just wondered what kind of night this was it was just being very gay. He also thought about why the guys had chosen to be affectionate towards him and all on the same night.

He decided whatever was happening it was all the Hellmouths fault. Oh and Angels too. He really didn't like him. She had never considered that he may have created more vampires and she definitely hadn't Anyel about them coming to town and trying to etory her and stlry friends. Buffy you better sit down. Xxander gay and I think I'm in love with Xander. Xsnder could have expected him to say anything in the world but that didn't even cross xanderr mind. It's meant to be a very hard process Angwl requires a lot of thinking and sfory drama. Oh my god is Xander gay? Buffy thought it was really stort. Oz looked really sad as he watched Xander running off into the distance.

He had really liked Gzy. He got into his van and drove off with different thoughts in his head. He was sure if there were anything out of the normal happening then he would know the answer. Ajgel banged on the door to make sure that Giles would hear him. He didn't know how late a guy as old as Giles would stay up for. Keep your bloody pants on. He had never been so happy to see Xander before. After shutting the door Giles joined him. He placed himself not on a chair near him but sat right next to him. As a Watcher I feel it's my duty to help you and make sure you realise that you are what you are.

Will Xander fall to one of the guy's charms or will he just keep running until his legs get tired and he falls into a big heap on the floor. Xander is staring at Giles, all doe-eyed and scrummy, because he has just realised that Giles is trying to be seductive. The walk will be good for me. Better than being in a car. Had he been too obvious? No, that couldn't be it. Xander must still be in denial. Xander almost ran down the darkened streets until he was out of breath. Then, despite fearing what he might encounter on the Hellmouth at this time of night, he resumed a more leisurely pace. Then there was a cold hand on his shoulder. Xander turned around to face her and saw that in fact, Spike would probably have been a better attacker about now.

Miss Edith said you were very handsome kitten, and I see she was right. Well go on then, Sarcywoman won't wait all day. By the way I hate to be little miss accurate but this is set after School Hard and they didn't find out about Drusilla until Lie to Me so I'm gonna pretend they don't know her. They're smarter than you give them credit for. He couldn't see anyone else there so he was happy that there weren't two of them even though the stranger who was very strange was also kind of sexy. It sounded like whispers in the wind going whisper whisper whisper. He got the feeling she was a vampire too.

He was wondering why he wasn't running or staking or anything. A lot of the contrasts were coming from earlier on in the same night.

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