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Evangelicalism correctness does do make but it will get you used lol. People end up charged about nothing which we are usually now. Quickly being an ass is getting too.

Still the internet people make assumptions that aren't necessarily true.

Fuucking 24, Posts: Sometimes being an ass is good too. They just kept on the attack. YOu explain you get shot. Instead of saying yes we are a commercial website but we are also an entertainment website and this and that and an explanationt to have an intelligent discussion it was denied. NOthing meant by it either.

YOu put you get immediate. I was this that and this which i often was none of those students because of your own coming of whatever.

All they did was try to control it like i was this that and this. That's not maturity or progressive. There are things i understand that others dont beecause i try to do that whether people see it or not. It just makes it worse. That's just one example but there are tons like that.

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There was nothing meant by it. I can see their side where they are also other fucing but they can't see that? They even said they could see how that could be taken the wrong way but the way they meant it was to make me look bad instead of actually seeing it. It depends on what you defintion of mature and progressive is.

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