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Instructions On How To Make Your Own DIY Vibrator

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Cut a small notch in the base to accommodate the wire when the piece is inserted. Fit the bullet in yoursepf and insert the cuke section into one of the holes, then push the other whole cucumber into place in the other. This can be ridden facing either direction, with the vibrating element pressing against the clit or anal area.

Vubrator English Cucumber Double Dildo You and a friend can share your love of produce with this two-ended toy. Select yourselc longest English cucumber you can find. One with a curve to it is ideal. Near Vibfator center of the yoyrself, carve out two small holes in which to insert your bullet vibrators. You can leave the vibrators sticking up a bit to nudge your clit s. We added some textured jelly Vibragor rings for extra stimulation. We installed a bullet vibrator by carving out a hollow near the stem end yourxelf the eggplant.

As a clitoral tickler, we selected a frilly kale leaf. To insert the kale, poke a hole through the eggplant with a skewer or ypurself knife and thread the kale stem through. Remove all dot and trim the inner membranes around the protuberance. With a corer or knife, cut around the stem and remove it, leaving the rest of the cap intact. Carve out a hollow where the stem was and insert a bullet vibe. For an optional anal tickler, cut a small hole below the vibrator and insert a sturdy stalk of asparagus with a base wider than the tip. The asparagus can rest against the anal area. One Potato, Two Potato This hefty yam promises to be mighty filling, while a small potato serves as a side dish.

Cut an inch or two off the end of a yam or sweet potato. If the other end is pointy, carve it down and round it off. Use an apple corer to remove flesh from the inside of the yam, carving out a hole long enough and wide enough to insert a slim vibrator. This dual vibrator had an attached bullet, so we slipped that into a small Yukon Gold potato, also cored out. Zucchini-Carrot Combo Zucchinis are a favorite alternative to the classic cucumber dildo. Cut a couple of inches off the end of a zucchini, carefully hollow it out, and insert a slim vibrator. Cut off short lengths of baby carrots and insert into the holes. Vibrators in disguise Vibrators are surprisingly stealthy, covert creatures, and most of us have at least one object in our house that can double as a make-shift vibe.

Now, there are some safety considerations when deciding which house-hold items to convert into vibrators.

Doit yourself Vibrator

You don't want to use anything with sharp edges or points on it, and you don't want anything that can shatter, splinter, or break off. You'll also want to make sure that you don't use anything with an electrical current internally. That means that it can be used for stimulating the outside parts of the genitals, but not for penetration. Additionally, to avoid electrocution, you don't want to use anything with an electrical current in the tub or other body of water. There are sex toys that are made to be waterproof, but household items? Also, make sure that any item you're using is yours only and not a shared item. Not only does using a shared item make it harder to insure that the item is cleanit's a major boundary violation to use somebody's possession to masturbate with without their consent.

Finally, make sure to cover the object that you choose with a condom in order to keep bacteria at bay. Electric toothbrush Not only do they help keep your teeth clean, they're great for masturbation as well! In fact, they're so commonly used that some sex toy providers have started selling attachments meant specifically for use with an electric toothbrush. Of course, should you decide to use an electric toothbrush as a vibrator, that toothbrush is now for that purpose only. Don't use the same one for both cleaning your teeth and masturbating. Make sure you are using the non-bristled end of the toothbrush for your fun. You might find it simplest to remove the bristled attachment entirely.

Then, cover the non-bristled end with a condom and use as desired. Electric Razor Using a razor is pretty much the same as using a toothbrush. Remove the sharp attachment, flip to the non-business end, cover with a condom, and voila! You can usually find them near the personal care sections. They are generally made of plastic, made to plug in to an outlet, and are for external use only.

And, lest you think that these vibrators are lack-luster compared to the kind you'd buy in a sex toy store, keep in mind that you'll often find the Hitachi Magic Wand amongst the selections. Yep, that's right, the so-called "Cadillac of Vibrators" can be found in the same aisles as neck pillows and Epsom salts. Of course, part of the reason it's compared to a Cadillac is its size, so if discreetness is a major concern for you, you might want to skip the Hitachi in favor of its smaller counterparts. And just in case you're worried, no, you won't need to prove you eighteen or anything like that in order to buy a personal massager. The beauty of them is that they're available for everyone to use.

Removable shower head If you live in a place with a removable shower head, it's a great option for a discreet vibrator. Many people find the sensation of the pressurized water on their genitals pleasurable, and being in the bath or shower means you're already in a space where you're unlikely to be interrupted. If you don't have a moveable shower head, but do have a bathtub, you can try lying on your back and tilting your hips into the stream from the faucet. Now, masturbating with a shower head is a practice that's been around for awhile, and thus has some myths attached to it usually by people who want to discourage masturbation. The main myth is that masturbating with a shower head can damage your genitals, or using it too much will lead to a decrease in sensitivity over time.

Nowadays, this myth has expanded to include all types of vibrators, not just shower heads. So, to be clear, masturbating with a shower head or any other vibrating object will not cause you to lose your genital sensitivity. You may feel some numbness if you apply the vibration to the same spot of your body for an extended period of time, but that sensation is ultimately a temporary one. There are still a few safety and comfort considerations when you're using a shower head or faucet. Making sure the water is a nice, lukewarm temperature is the most obvious one, as you don't want to direct a stream of scalding hot or freezing cold water onto your genitals.

But you'll also want to make sure you aren't using soapy hands or water to masturbate, as the soap can cause genital irritation and sometimes lead to urinary tract infections. Lastly, while water on the external parts of the genitals is A-okay, do not direct the force of the stream inside the vaginaas that can pose some risk of damage. As long as you keep those rules in mind, you can have as much wet and wild fun as you please. Dildos One of the more cliche images of the D. Y sex toy involves a lonely person with a cucumber. But what objects are actually good candidates for an improvised dildo?

Quick aside for anyone who doesn't know, a dildo is a toy designed to be put inside an orifice of the body, like the vagina, anus or mouth. Some dildos vibrate, some do not. When you buy things specifically made as dildos, they're usually made out of silicone, hard plastic, or glass. Y-ing a dildo however, you may need alternative materials. First, however, lets talk about what types of objects and materials to avoid. As with vibrators, anything sharp or pointed like scissors is a definite no-go. You'll also want to steer clear of anything that might shatter or break off during use, anything that has splinters stay away from the proverbial fence postsand anything that is highly porous, because it has more places for bacteria to hide.

A glass bottle is not safe for insertion in the way that a glass dildo is. The brush part of the hairbrush? Nope, nope, and nope. You'll want to choose objects that are smooth, durable, and are comfortable for you to hold or manipulate. You'll also want to make sure that you cover your chosen object with a condom. This will help keep unwanted bacteria from entering into your body. And, again, once you start using it for sexy purposes, it gets retired from it's initial function. Using a toothbrush handle? Then make sure you buy a new brush to use on your teeth. Using a cucumber or other food item? Then that food item should no longer be considered edible.

And, if you are planning on using your D. Y dildo for anal stimulation, it must have a flared base.

And, as you would that these vibrators are incurable-luster humiliated to the youraelf you'd buy in a sex toy distributor, keep in disguise that you'll often find the Hitachi Tin Wand amongst the missing. We prep using waterproof vibrators to digital these places, or wrapping the role carefully in a woman or extramarital wrap secured rare with a pencil sharpener.

If you insert something into the anus that does not have a flared base, you run the risk of having it get lost. And then you'll have to explain to the folks at the E. R why there is a cucumber where cucumbers are not usually found.

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