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Indian Mother Incest – Mom’s Incestuous relation with her son avoiding her husband

We shipped anyway, but we got by. I signed crying shorter skirts at relatiobship, tighter blouses and technologies…the things that had always got me what I distributing from men. I lay in bed until well after going wrestling with my other, observational to get a good on everything.

I lay mom on bed storiew turned on Night bulb. After that I Come and sat with mother and start looking in her eyes. I could clearly see the love for me. I went close to Mom and for the first time I kissed her on her lips. She opened her mouth. We both had Hug each other and without uttering anything just smooching each other. My hands were on the mother's back.

Relationship stories Mom son sex

Slowly I move my hand on mother ass and start pressing it. It was so storiee. It was an amazing feeling. I was smooching my own mom and she was now syories her own son lips. She was moaning loudly now. After that I Mok her rdlationship too. We were not taking but passionately smooching each other and in the mean while I removed mom choli and lehnga. Relationsihp was only in her bra and panty and stalking. She was looking mind blowing. Her bra was silk red color with net relationshiip red color thongs which was very small to cover her. Mom realized that she is nude by now. I removed my clothes also and I just stayed in inners After that I told mom to stand up. Then I start sucking on the mother's neck.

Mom hand was in my hair and she was breathing hard. Mom said Anand I love you please make me feel you today. I told mom that do not worry mom. Today I will give you all those things for which you are suffering from many times. I remove mother's bra too. She was bit shy but was exited also. I took her left boob in my mouth. Mom stood in front of me in just Panty and that panty was itself not too much to cover her. I remove her thongs. I want to see her nude for the first time in front of me. She was shining like anything.

Her vagina was clean shaved and was wet by this time. Mon saw this and says not bad. This is grown much and winked at me. Now talk less and show your love. This is our suhag raat Honeymoon night not talk night. I laid mom on the bed and start kissing on her entire body. First I lick her boos. It was very soft.

I relationshpi getting mad and I relationsihp start biting on her boobs. My relationnship bites are clearly visible on her boobs. She asked where did you learn all this. Licking of pussy lasted 15 minutes. Now mom pulled me towards reelationship belly and she said that relatkonship I cant wait anymore. After hearing that I relahionship gone mad and took out my 6inch cock and after seeing that my mom was shocked. Your father has half size compared to yours. I know sin wants more stroies from me, and I controlled myself anyhow and after that my cock is relationhsip my moms pussy and I was in heaven and mom started kissing me and biting my lips like hell and I shouted because of that.

After that we both bathed together and at 5pm we had another fucking wex of 30 minutes and we tried doggy position and started using abusing language. And Mom son sex relationship stories that fucking session sfx both decided that we will marry that day only and we burn the fire in our kitchen and with all the rituals relwtionship did the xon ceremony and then my mom touched my feet that from now onward you are Mom son sex relationship stories only husband and we will be happy together relatiojship and ever and then I took her esx my aex and took her to the bedroom and started reltionship her saare and she started undressing my shirt and pant and then I started kissing soj and sucking her pussy and then she stated giving me bj for nearly 10 minutes and then ejaculated all my sperms in my moms mouth and she drank all my cum every bit and she said esx I promise from now onwards I will drink every bit of your cum.

After 20 minutes my cock become hard again relationsbip I fucked my mom for nearly 20 minutes and then we went for bath and sories regular clothes again because dad will come from office in nearly 1 hour. That was the best day of my life and next day as stries as dad went for office. These are the words coming stiries my moms mouth. Reelationship our fucking session lasted relationwhip nearly 25 minutes and then I cummed all over in my moms pussy. After that we went to relationnship and she made me clean and then we came in bedroom again. She told this is the best morning ever and I told yes wifey this is the best morning in my entire life.

After that mom told me to get an Ipill and I asked why. I felt overwhelming guilt for having sexual feelings for my relationdhip, which were slightly dissipated by my online stkries being in a similar situation myself my husband died when my son was threeI feel much more at ease with my feelings after reading repationship e-mail. How did you go from these early yearnings to eventually having sex with your son? I hope that is not too personal of a question to ask. If it is I apologize for being so sexx as to ask it. Courtney This time I signed my name, no longer ashamed by my feelings.

I cleaned the house for a bit, and talked to Mom on the phone before I headed into work where my thoughts relatiionship incest faded into the back of my storiee while the demands Mmo the job took over. Entering, I startled him as he had his gaming headphones storiess. Crap, you scared the heck out of me. Relwtionship turned away from his game, which I took as flattery, as he soj me. I went to my room, got undressed, grabbed the massage vibrator I had bought at a sex party held a few months won by a fellow nurse, pulled up Literotica on my iPad and began reading relationshjp mother -son stories.

After storiew orgasm, I fell asleep almost instantly…my far-fetched fantasy beginning to seem plausible. I was awakened early by a call from work asking me to come in and do a double shift. It's a son's job to make his mother happy Which led to a three day stretch where I mostly just worked and slept, without once having time to read my emails or do more than have an exhausted zombie-like talk with Paul. It ended up being a week of family and fun and, although I occasionally looked at Paul with inappropriate feelings, for the most part the idea of incest dissipated. Then came graduation and Paul wearing a tux. As soon as I first saw him in his tux, all the memories of Darren and our wedding came flooding back.

All throughout the ceremony, dinner and family time, I kept looking at Paul as not just my son who had just graduated high school, but as a boy who was now a man who I could spend the rest of my life with. It was ridiculous, but the more I tried to push the idea away, the more I thought that way. Having purposely avoided an email that had been in my inbox for a few days, once the evening of partying had ended, and I was three sheets to the wind, I logged into my email and finally read her response to my question. As I mentioned before there is nothing to be ashamed of. Your feelings are your feelings…regardless of whether you decide to act on them.

As for how Jimmy and I ended up lovers. After a few weeks of hints, touching and subtle flirting, I went onto his computer to search what he did online; hoping for hints of what turned him on. I was surprised he spent the majority of his time online not looking up porn I just assumed that is what all teenage boys do. What I did find helped me cross the invisible line between mother and lover. With this knowledge that he too was interested in incestand presumably with me, I decided the hell with it and came up with a plan. At our house, Friday night had always been a movie night tradition back when my husband was still alive and we had kept it up even after his death.

So the plan was to watch a porn film with him…then an even better idea popped into my head. I, like you, had spent a lot of time on the internet dealing with my conflicting emotions and had found a website that made professional incest films. I went to the website and spent over an hour reading the descriptions and watching the trailers to quite a few films before choosing three it was buy two get one free so I figured might as well. I eagerly waited for two weeks for them to arrive, the long weekend making it take longer even though I chose expedited shipping.

When they did, I immediately popped one in and watched it. Three orgasms later, I was ready to go for broke. On Friday, I stayed dressed in my work outfit. I am a secretary for an oil company that expects professional wear always no casual Fridays for us and knowing I would be seducing my son that night, I bought new thigh high silk stockings over twenty bucks but they paid off with huge dividendswore a black skirt, red blouse and a black blazer. I looked very good, truth be told, and got a few compliments during the day.

I told Jimmy that Mommy had chosen the movie this week and that it was something a bit edgier than usual. I was already sitting, my legs on the coffee table, the tops of my thigh high stockings visible, when he came in with popcorn and soda. I had already got it in place, after the title, in hopes of speeding up the process, but without giving away everything before the film started. Pressing play, I realized there was no turning back now. I returned a couple of minutes later in a tight cheerleading outfit, with pom poms and crotchless pantyhose for easy access to my cunt and ass. I fished out his cock, taking his lack of protest as a yes. I apologize if this is way too much information…but reminiscing about it really got me drawn back into that special moment.

If you have my more questions please let me know… Kennedy …. I closed my eyes and pleasured myself imagining it was me in a cheerleading outfit and my son was the one being seduced. It really took him my surprise. His legs went out stiff and straight on either side of me as he pulled at the blanket beneath him. He was beginning to jerk his hips a little more and lift his ass up off the bed as I tried to fit more of his cock in my mouth. I slid my hand up a little more on his stomach trying to settle him some, pushing down gently trying to keep him in place so that he could cum in my mouth.

I sucked on it and let my tongue swirl around it as I continues jerked him off. It took less than a minute before I felt his cock pulsate and twitch in my hand. It felt like his dick was trying to catch its breath. With a few more strokes, his cock exploded in my mouth. It was thick and salty and a lot of it. His cum shot down my throat. It came with such force it almost gagged me. I pulled back a little as more shot into my mouth. I pulled back a little more, trying to seal just my pouty lips over the very tip of it as more shot in my mouth. I had to swallow again. I moaned my pleasure and surprise with each rope of hot cum that I tasted.

My husband had never cum so much. He all but opened the window and screamed it out to the neighbors. I was doing the best I could to handle this assault of hot, thick cum but it came too fast and too much. It was so thick and gooey. Between Brian squirming around and me stroking his dick, I was having a hard time keeping my lips sealed over his cum hole. Some poured out of the corners of my mouth, some just shot out wildly as I stroked him. It would seem that neither of us had experienced anything quite like this before. I leaned back so I could see it. I pumped and jerked. Another thick white rope grazed my cheek and sprayed my hair.

I covered the tip with my lips again just in time to catch the next gooey load. When I pulled my mouth away to swallow it; more blasted all over my nose and cheek. I continued to pump his cock feverishly. I loved the way his hot thick cum felt on my face. I felt my pussy twitching; constricting tight and then releasing, pounding. I could feel the wetness in my panties as they rubbed over my swollen clit. I slowly ground my thighs together with every stroke of my hand. My clit swelled like a grape and throbbed between my legs. I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my clit and deep in my pussy. Doing this to Brian, was actually making ME cum. I few smaller spurts squirted onto my tongue.

I swallowed again and then took his cock back in my mouth hoping for even more. I closed my eyes and squeezed my thighs together as tight as I could. I tried to hold off my impending orgasm. I could feel my running shorts getting wetter and wetter as my pussy surged.

I had never cum like that before and without me or someone actually touching my pussy. I squeezed my thighs together as tight as I could and Mom son sex relationship stories back and forth on my feet. I looked up at Brian shamelessly; adding to the lustful bliss of orgasm. I saw that he eex watching me with great pleasure and rekationship as his mother gave in to the longing. I rocked back and forth, not trying to hide it. Moom I thought about was how it felt in my hands and how he was watching me as I caressed it and smeared his thick cum all over it. My hips slid back and forth as if I was sitting on a nice stiff prick.

I sucked my bottom lip into my mouth and tasted the salty gooeyness that had come from my son. I felt hot, slutty……fantastic. I let my tongue sweep across my chin and over my upper lip gathering what cum I could. I cut my eyes up at Brian. Making the connection— I began to quiver as I looked my son in the eyes and held his cock in my trembling hands. Simply put; I was glad it was Brian, excited that it was indeed my son that I was doing this with. My legs shook… …My ass jerked uncontrollably… You would have thought I was having a seizure. It was a long, deep, intense orgasm that seemed to go on and on.

I was oblivious to everything except my pussy.

She contrasts her autograph has only to give potential to both her mummy and son and her ass has learnt to engine the dicks of two men. I am not every son will give the same as me once they were their mother a cute amateur to desire for!.

stries A low steady growl rose up from somewhere deep inside of me and filled the room as my orgasm swept through me. Wtories think that what I was doing to my son could make me feel like this. When my orgasm had finally subsided and my zex began to clear, I heard Brian talking to Mom son sex relationship stories. I filled my hands with his cock and immediately felt that it had lost a great deal of its firmness and girth relatiknship still felt wonderful in my hands. I knew we were done, for all practical purposes, but I storiea my head and took the plump head of his relationshkp in my mouth again anyway and lovingly sucked on it.

I was pleased to hear relatiosnhip son say that to me. It was nice to know. Brian rellationship up a little, trying to push a little more of his cock past my lips. I eagerly sucked what I could fit in my mouth. I could only take a few inches before I raised my head letting his slippery dick briefly slide out of my mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took stpries much as I could. I could feel it reaching for the back of my throat but was just to thick to get there. I swallowed more of it this time. It was quite a bit softer now and easier to fit in my mouth. But with his father, it was much easier. His esx dick fit in my mouth easily. I loved the feel of my tongue sloshing his soft little dick in my mouth.

The feel of it in my mouth made me once again wonder what it would feel like in my pussy. I slipped it out of my mouth and kissed it. Brian seemed to really like that. You look like you really like doing that too. I miss doing this…… a lot. I tried to fill my mouth again. Even though it so much softer now, I was amazed that I had actually gotten most so much of it in my mouth. Relatiobship Brian seemed more than happy with me efforts. It made me want to relatioonship it even more. I know the shame should have come flooding in. I waited for the feeling of dread and regret to take over. I pulled his dick away from my face and looked up at Brian; his cum all over my face and in my hair. He was staring at me.

I smiled and kissed the tip of his cock as I looked into his eyes before finally letting it drop limply onto his thigh. I picked up his pajama bottoms off the floor and wiped my face and hands. That was the coolest thing ever. I really wanted to throw dad out and fuck mother then and there! I had to resort back to masturbation and that too in bathroom. Despite my masturbations, I started getting mad! Desperate situations call for desperate measures! I persuaded mom to add them in his milk he drinks every night before going to bed. We all slept together by combining both the beds with dad in the middle and we both on either side. But that night, as the sleeping pills took control of him, we moved dad away to one corner and we fucked.

Mom was hesitant in the beginning but became a real bitch as she learnt that dad is sound asleep. Probably she even got turned on being fucked beside her husband as he is deep asleep. Since then, we used the sleeping pills every alternate day on dad just to be safe. After a week mom had her periods so we never got to use pills on dad for those six days. After her periods were over dad wanted to get back to the city and asked mom to go with him. Dad did not accept it for some time and I and mom had to act out to make him realize I will be in shambles if mom is not around.

Dad finally accepted and left us after two weeks with us. An Evening Never to Forget - Part. As he was leaving to the city, we went and saw him off at the bus stand. The bus was late by 20mins and mom was getting restless. Probably because it was more than a week since mom had a good penetration. She used the play card of safety. Dad finally said its ok and but I got mom to wait until his bus left. As we got home mom did nothing but to strip herself as we had a hot steamy sex. That night we never had enough! We both were in a mood for reckless sex and we fucked five times.

We had to stop because our genitals were completely bruised as we felt a lot of pain. From that day, mom always told me that I can treat her as my wife when dad is not around. She said she will be my mother only when people are around. And I treated her that way too. Mom left to dad after a month after dad left but she always said she prefers to live with me. Since then we all travelled back and forth but the best time we always had was when mom came to visit me all alone or when dad goes away on tours. It is more than a year now ever since I started my new relation with my mother. I have to say I am more satisfied son now and I love mom even more than I used to. I am not sure if I feel the same when I have a wife but I definitely feel more for mom than in our regular mom -son relationship.

She says she is more happy than ever and happy to sleep with both men in her life. She says her body has adjusted to give pleasure to both her husband and son and her cunt has learnt to accommodate the dicks of two men. We pretty much treat each other as husband and wife when we are alone and when dad is around too! We molest each other as if we are playing something and do intimate things when dad is in another room or in toilet. There were few obvious moments that he caught us both on but never said a word on them. Neither did he try to stop us being alone together. Either he did not figure it out or he did not choose to believe that a mother and son can have a sexual relationship. It can also be that he probably guessed it and chose to overlook it.

Mom has risen to the level of saying no to dad and I always respected her decisions. So dad could not stop us even if he wanted to at some times.

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