Teen son that hates his mother

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When a Son “Hates” His Mom

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Some days they just need to Teeh out what feels right. Some days nothing feels right. Being a teenager is hard. Our boys need to eon what is absolutely ok, and what is absolutely not. They may resist rules, but deep down they feel safe when there gates clear-cut rules without exceptions. Make sonn clear and consistent, and have absolute consequences in place for when they break rules. Within those boundaries, teenage boys tgat the opportunity to stretch their wings. Teenage boys should be encouraged…Even pushed—to try new hatfs, to take some risks, to find adventure. So the freedoms we give are taken very seriously. Boys need to talk. Even the quietest ones will open up when given the chance.

Get them alone, in the car or wherever you can, and make it clear that you WANT to hear about their interests, and their lives. Be patient, and try different times and places until you figure it out. A Mom that can listen and not criticize or manipulate is a really valuable thing. A Sense of Humor. This is the good stuff. This may be my very favorite thing about these years. It was really lovely. Being a parent, grandparent, or foster parent of a teen is challenging. Suddenly you have to deal with an argumentative and rebellious young person. You find yourself asking what you did wrong, where did your sweet baby go, and where did this hostile teenager come from?

Once our children reach adolescence their bodies begin to change, signalling the beginning of adulthood. Teenagers begin to reject all the things that relate to their childhood and being a child.

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They no longer want parents to do or decide things for them. They stop following parents' advice because in their minds that would be the same as still being a child. The problem is that they don't know how to act in order to be treated like a person and not like a child. Your child is working on creating his own personality with his individual opinions, ideas and experiences. He has started to take baby-steps towards living an independent life. It is a new situation for all involved. Clashes are often common between teens and parents.

Teens get angry because they feel their parents don't respect them, and parents get angry because they aren't used to not being motheg control. During the teenage years parents have a unique opportunity tht watch their children transform from a child to an independent young adult. But these times can be quite a rollercoaster. Teens who deal best with their problems and moods most often have parents who take time to listen and talk, parents who respect them and who are respected in return. It is important to find time to listen to your teen and understand what they are going through.

It may be when he comes in from school or when you are dropping him to his training. Try hard to make plans with him. Ask him out for coffee, or invite him over for dinner. Offer to bring food to a park just to hang out for a bit. Focus your attention on you and him — he will see that you want the best for him.

Just like the last fifteen years of raising him, those messages will make a difference. Deborah Gilboa Deborah Gilboa, M. Without Being the Parent You Hate.

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