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Jerzei was apparently Plrn however, several vkdeos during the series he would cideos character, or in one case the fourth wall and declare directly to the camera "I'm not really foreign, you know — I just do it to appear more sophisticated! On only two occasions has Neil shown any form of aggression; this was when Rick insulted Neil's flared trousers in the episode 'Nasty'. He claims "the most interesting thing that ever happens to me is sneezing ", the force of which is sufficient to blow a door off its hinges. Musical direction was by Canterbury scene keyboardist Dave Stewart.

In-house relations[ edit ] Mike is the natural "leader" of the house. He dislikes most forms of technology except for televisions and video recorders.

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Mayall, Edmondson and Planer have also appeared in episodes of Blackadder. All four characters attended the fictional Scumbag College. Summer Holiday The Young Ones In the final episode, the four students steal a red AEC Routemaster after robbing a bank Special Patrol Group dies during their escapeonly to drive it through a billboard with a picture of Cliff Richard on it and then over a cliff, [26] which the bus tumbles down until it comes to rest at the bottom, at which point they proclaim—in unison—"Phew! He emerges from Vyvyan's full vacuum cleaner bag and ends up being shoved into the fridge by Rick.

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He is never acknowledged for it unless it goes wrong. He is a fan of HawkwindMarillionand Steve Hillage. More information about his musical tastes was revealed when the character 'guest v-jayed' on the still young MTV network in ca. In the mids all twelve episodes of The Young Ones were shown on BBC2 in a minute revised format, missing scenes and dialogue.

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