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I Tried Cannabis Lube for Sex — And Now It’s My Vagina’s Cure-All Moisturizer

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Sex, science, and THC Research shows that THC topical products like creams, gels, and oils are absorbed through your skin and mucous membranes, vagina included. So, with so much mixed information out there, how should we be cleaning our vaginas? Lactobacilli helps keep the pH balance at less than 4. It was like that.

After a few minutes of application, any proudcts or irritation quickly diminishes. Trim your hair or have laser hair removal rather than produchs as this damages the skin. The transition in sensation from Pussy products to tongue action was extremely intense, resulting in a very strong, powerful climax. Good sex is part of good health, but what about the rest of my vagina? Slightly skeptical but primarily curious, I ordered a bottle to try. There was more warmth down there, perhaps due to increased blood flow, but it never felt hot or like my vagina was on fire. I had to ask my partner to go slowly during stimulation, which made foreplay particularly sensual.

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I love having a dedicated productd for one of the most intimate areas of my body. Plus, the generous bottle size will go a long way and hopefully lead to many more happy endings. But during this transition, I experienced zero pain. What is it going to smell like down there? From wipes and sprays to deodorants and specially formulated shower gels, plenty of brands offer one-stop-products to keep your vagina clean, but experts tend to recommend avoiding them.

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