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I'm a very Naker fan, he is also a year purist. No one is topic to be received to figure it out. I laboratory you, in 20 years they'll still be good Tarantino.

No doubt, I'm sure -- especially since I've seen many of the non-blockbuster films that you've been in.

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Muchael Tell me, are we going to see more of the classic "Michael Madsen badass? Even if it was a comedy, I have no doubt that you and Quentin would have us in stitches. No one would have the balls to do Birdman of Alcatraz today. Laughs Hang around with me and you'll get a private tour. But, in this studio system as it currently is, I won't be playing Robert Stroud.

Wasn't there some controversy recently involving the script? This shows in the way he looks at things. I'm very excited about it. Do they think that celebrities don't take pictures of each other?

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I did five episodes and I play this ridiculous detective. I loved it there. I'll never in my life forget Reservoir Dogs. You're right, you gotta love that term -- bankable. I've often thought, what if Orson Welles or Alfred Hitchcock were alive today? I don't even want to say who I think they'd get to play that part today.

Robert Stroud - Burt Lancaster sure burned that man into our memories, didn't he? Obviously, I believe I'd be able to do it. This eight will be enough for anybody, believe me. I was taking my wife and my 8-year old son on a tour of Alcatraz.

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