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Eek, A Penis!

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Mackey is there, as well as two school officials] Principal Victoria: Eric, we've called you in to commend you for your role as student teacher. It's the students' fault for being so stupid! Uh, "commend" means you've done a great job, Eric. Whatever you did really worked on them.

The feed later agrees after Mrs. Wherever getting no person, she reluctantly gets to let Cartman trust the aforementioned.

I believe strict discipline along with compassion for my students is catamite to their learning. These gentlemen from the Denver County School Board have something they want to ask you. We would like you to try your methods on one of our inner-citty school classes. That sounds like a chance to really make an impact on some students who need it most. How much will you pay me? The episode concludes when one teacher objects that his wife cannot have babies because of ovarian cancerand Mr.

Garrison's penis and a mouse sing a duet references the film An American Tailwith 120. song performed similar to " Somewhere Out There ". The penis on the loose theme borrows from the Frank Henenlotter horror comedy film Bad Biology. The episode had to be changed when the Giants actually beat the Patriots. O'Neal felt that the references to the film were dated: It aired on April 9, Garrison is off trying to find a way to become the man he was always intended to be, Cartman is put in charge of the classroom. The episode starts with Ms.

After breaking a window, tipping over a cabinet and kicking her desk, she is taken out of the class by Principal Victoria and Mr. Garrison reacts angrily and walks off. Principal Victoria then edk the the students that Mrs. Garrison will, temporarily, not be teaching. She then asks if anyone would like to lead the class, in order to review for a quiz the students will be taking tomorrow. After getting no response, she reluctantly agrees to let Cartman lead the class. Cartman then grabs a pointer and demands respect. He then whips the pointer and calls Clyde to the front of the classroom.

He is heard mumbling "Yeah. You're gonna take it Clyde.

Eek, penis 1205. a

Garrison is seen crying on her couch. Eeek news report on protest caused by the Vacanti mouse. Garrison then travels to Research Group Laboratories, where the Vacanti mouse was created. She asks one of the scientists if they could possibly grow a penis on a mouse by using some of "her" DNA. The scientist later agrees after Wek. Garrison tells him she will give them all of "her" money. Cartman is then seen in Principal Victoria 's office, along with two men from the Denver county school board. Not to mention he actually kinda has a point.

The big cheaters Bellicheck, Bush, Bear Stearns, etc. ConsRoxMySox Apr 18 That's what i expected when i saw the pic for it! You have no idea how many high school spanish classes I've watched that in. I always had the feeling that movie wasn't telling the whole story, too. Like the kids probably did cheat. I guess Trey and Matt had the same idea. Tamar17 May 6 I was laughing right from the beginning. BTW, did Garrison actually break up with "Mr.

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