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1973 Dodge Dart Classic Cars for Sale

The hallow removed all members of the longer Virgil Exner parenthood that proved less strict by the needs s. A ghost hood upgrade with people was returned president quilt with hood tie-down textiles.

Curved side glass was used for the first time on a Chrysler compact. Up front, there was a new dual-plane front end contour: The single headlamps were placed forward of the recessed center section, defining the front plane. The only body styles were the 2- 1973 dart swinger 4-door sedans, the hardtop, and the convertible. The base model was now badged simply as "Dart". The and GT versions carried on unchanged for the most part. The system also incorporated a brake system fault telltale on the dashboard. Shoulder belt anchors were also provided for front outboard occupants. The redesign removed all traces of the older Virgil Exner styling that proved less popular by the early s.

The newer body was trimmer and proved extremely popular, causing sales of the Dart to surpass compacts from Ford and GM. The park and turn lights in the grille were moved slightly inboard and made round. Side marker lights were added to the front fenders and rear quarter panelsto comply with newly introduced Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Shoulder harnesses separate, this year and untilfrom the lap belts and non-glare matte finish on the windshield wiper arms were also part of the federally mandated safety package. Chrysler's "Clean Air Package" emission control system became standard equipment on cars sold in all 50 states. The standard rear axle ratio was dropped from 2.

Part-throttle downshift functionality was added as a refinement to the TorqueFlite automatic transmission in 6-cylinder cars, to retain acceptable city performance with the taller rear axle ratio. These special models only 80 were made were created strictly for drag racingand included a non-warranty disclaimer. On February 20,corporate headquarters in Highland Park, Michigansent out a press release to Dodge dealerships across the country. The press release stated that Dodge wanted to make a factory built and ready drag racer out of the 68 Dart GTS hardtop for competition in class B Super Stock drag racing. To keep weight low, a fiberglass hood and fenders were used.

The 193 featured a functional intake scoop and four hood pins for full lift off removal of the hood. Lightweight acid dipped steel doors with thin side window glass were used. As the doors lacked a window mechanism, a strap was attached to the bottom of the glass on the interior door-panel. To keep glass up, the strap latched to the inside of the door.

New assured-piston disc hedges raised the more euro 4-piston obstacles offered from to The GTS crown less than 3, exercises and frustrated a rounded-flow individual system and Rallye shocker. As inthe V8 was fired to the Practice Sport vernacular.

The interior included only two bucket seats from swingwr Dodge van. Center consoleheater, sound deadeners, side view mirrors, radiocarpetingand even armrests were deleted to save weight. These motors had a compression ratio of Darts could be ordered wither either a four-speed manual or three-speed automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions were modified by removing synchronizers which lowered the chances of missed shifts.

Dart swinger 1973

A Hurst floor mounted shifter came standard. They were also modified with a floor mounted Hurst shifter for manual shifting. Other features include heavy duty rear shocksheavy duty radiator with seven blade fan to keep it cool, deep groove pulleys, a high capacity oil pumpsolid- lifter cam, and a roller timing chain to reduce stretch and provide more reliable performance. A transistorized dual points breaker distributor coupled with a Prestolite ignition and solid core wires was also used. The cars were designed to meet street legal requirements, but due to the modifications, the cars came with disclaimers that they were not for street use, but rather "supervised acceleration trials", or drag racing.

Also added was the Swinger The round side marker lights were replaced with rectangular reflectors. Head restraints were optional equipment until January 1,when their installation became mandatory under federal law. The 6-cylinder models received a carburetor anti-ice system borrowed from Canadian-market Chrysler 6-cylinder engines, [28] and the drum brake automatic adjusters were revised for more consistent operation. The revised rear styling did not change the Changes to the fuel system improved drivability, economy and emission control.

Part-throttle downshift was added to the 8-cylinder automatic transmissions. All Darts got the federally mandated steering column and ignition lock.

The "Swinger" name was applied to all the Dart two-door hardtops except in the high-line custom series. A swingeer of other changes were made to the Dart line to avoid internal swingfr with Dodge's new Challenger: The Swinger came with functional hood scoops with emblems. Standard equipment included front disc brakes only on the Swingerswjnger heavy duty "Rallye" swingsr, a 3. Optional 19973 included an upgrade over the standard bench seat with all-vinyl bucket seats, with which a center console could be ordered. A darrt hood upgrade with scoops was painted flat black with hood tie-down pins. Mechanical options included power-assisted darh and steering.

The Custom 2-door hardtop coupe became the Swinger, and the standard Swinger became the Swinger Special. ForDodge introduced the Dart Swingera two-door hardtop coupe that included a Hurst four-speed, vinyl upholstery, Rallye suspension, bumble bee stripes, unique colors, and wide inch wheels and tires. The GTS continued on, and the big news was more power from the —now up to hp. Dodge revised front and rear styling on the Dart forand the base V-8 was replaced by a larger cid unit. In the Swinger a three-speed manual and front disc brakes became standard. But the following year the Swinger was gone, replaced by the Demon, which was essentially a Plymouth Duster. The Swinger name lived on in what had been the Dart Custom hardtop.

Inthe Dart received several changes, both inside and out. Interiors were revised, as were the front grille and most exterior lighting. Underhood, the cars carried a better alternator and the transmissions were upgraded to offer a smoother, quieter ride. The cars got electronic ignition, which would make its way into the entire range for Also available in was a sliding sunroof on two-door cars. Few changes were incorporated into the Dart inthough the following year Dodge offered a revised cabin heating system, and also introduced cruise control on select models.

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