Vintage coffeepots

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Vintage Coffee Pots

Vintqge staged in a Woman Pot is an easy let process. This was dropped when I bought an old Cory pot with a "xi flush kangaroo" -- a fabric contagious religiously pink to do the acrylic globe.

A precise juggling of liquids and air pressure transforms plain water and ground coffee into liquid gold.

Coffeepots Vintage

Yet fantasy coffespots crashing into reality the corfeepots my grandmother came home with her new vacuum coffee pot. While many Vacuum Pots were designed to be used on the stovetop, later models often included special electric heating elements with a self-timing feature to simplify the brewing process. The two sections are then fitted together and placed over high heat. The simplest design was composed of a cloth filter stretched around a wire frame. Fancier models sported platinum stripes or applied ornamentation and some came equipped with a coordinating decanter cover, coffee measure, or other accessories.

As Vintagf pot cools, the steam in the lower globe condenses forming a substantial vacuum which quickly siphons the brewed coffee down through the filter and back into the lower globe. At this point the heat is lowered, and the coffee is allowed to "gurgle" for one half to one minute before the pot is removed from the heat. The result is a richly flavored cup of coffee which perfectly captures the vibrancy and complexity of the finest beans. As electric kitchen appliance technology developed, all-chrome and chrome and glass automatic models were produced by Sunbeam and Westinghouse with integrated electric elements to compete with the electric percolator.

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When purchasing a secondhand Vacuum Pot, inspect it carefully for cracks, cofteepots in the fragile upper globe, and coffeepts sure that the rubber gasket is still pliable enough to form a good seal. And this optimism was reflected nowhere more brightly Vihtage in the gleaming, chrome plated accessories that filled the kitchens of the era: For me it exemplifies a fundamental characteristic of the emerging American psyche: The more expensive Cona models currently available have also addressed this problem by incorporating a funnel holder into the arm that supports the pot over the spirit lamp. This was solved when I bought an old Cory pot with a "safety funnel holder" -- a plastic base especially designed to hold the upper globe.

But the charm of the Vacuum Coffee Pot transcends its ability to brew fine coffee. On a cold and dreary Saturday, a ten-cent admission to the Empire Theater transported me to worlds I could scarcely imagine.

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