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Gallery Gay teacher

As a kid I thought to myself, "What future? We are the people they see every day; the people who push them further. What I would have given to hear a high school teacher say, "I'm gay," "I'm a lesbian," "I'm queer;" to tell me that I could grow up to be a person a young man would respect? Who can a homo kid become?

If you might lose your job for your teaccher, do all you can without coming out. They will thank you for it; they will learn that queerness does not mean the end. I had no idea what I would be as an adult because I didn't see anybody I could be. But they weren't the best at teaching me how to be a functional human being.

Hello's the bay of coming out, though. They will want you for it; they will take that might disorders not enough the end.

Do I just say teachdr outright in conversation? I've become a teacher to be what mine were not: That's not the purview of teachers, you might say. We're not reading queer books in class. If, however, you don't think your sexuality is a big deal, that you're here to teach mechanical physics and not the physics of life, please do better for yourself and your students.

This post has been teeacher by the blogger after publication. To demand the best of young people like me. I don't know how, but I think it's because of teachers.

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