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For decontamination, we came Fdee images of the more pole. To get enough groups for an image we apply to use a very humble exposure. We also welcome to select around of the most important structures for a very format incorrect catalogue on Brutalist emergence.

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SOSBrutalism is open to everyone who wants to join the campaign to save Brutalist buildings! It is a powerful tool that allows fans of Brutalism to communicate with one another across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and so on. You can follow our social media feeds below. With 47, visitors it was a great success, including a wide press coverage in print, radio and even the German prime time TV news.

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The first venue is Vienna with a new fotl on Austrian Brutalism: Architekturzentrum Az WMay 3 until August 6, We have marked all the buildings, which feature in it with the hashtag Banham Which buildings would Banham have dealt with if his book had appeared ten years later? How else, after all, would we describe buildings like the Kyoto International Conference Center? In making the selection for this website we have opted for a broad definition and also included many of the Forerunners, which were built before We have also added several classics including buildings by Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn, where you are tempted to wonder why they have not long since been classified as Brutalist.

Brutalist buildings are not always made of concrete. There are still many gaps in this database. For those of you who have contributed — thank you!

footo Your labors of love have illustrated articles about Juno, Jupiter and JunoCam. Your products show up in all sorts of places. I have used them to report to the scientific community. We are writing papers for scientific journals and using your contributions — always with appropriate attribution of course. Archiev creations are works of art and we are working out ways to showcase them as art. The set of 28 images taken were designed to find optimal viewing geometries and camera settings. For example, we took 4 images of the north pole. We imaged at two different geometries, looking directly down at the pole and looking at closest range at a more oblique angle, to see which would give us the best results.

We ran through a similar set of tests for the south pole. Another comparison we made was to test different compression settings. To get enough photons for an image we need to use a very long exposure.

In some images this results rFee scattered light in the image. For science purposes we will simply crop out the portions of the image that include this artifact. Work is in progress to determine exactly what conditions cause stray light problems so that this can be minimized for future imaging. Gallery Organization The gallery displays images from JunoCam itself, as well as uploads from the community. You will see both raw and processed versions of the images as they become available. Examples of processed images are shown; most contributions are from amateurs.

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