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Next he entered Rose's room. She was sleeping like a doll. Her cover thrown back as one of her hand lay over her stomach. Her lips Thej parted slightly as she slept oblivious to who was in the room. Grinning Harry took off his clothes. His cock was semi hard as he made his way over to Fucke bed. There was still sleep in her eyes, but all traces of sleep vanished when she saw the hulking piece of manhood just above her lips. Rose loke and one of her hands came up to grab her uncle's dick. Rubbing it up and down with her small hands, she parted her lips and slowly put its head inside her.

Compared to Rose's small mouth, Harry's dick looked gigantic. There was no way it could have fitted in but Rose somehow did, slowly taking his bulbous head before she moved onto the shaft. One-third of his ber had gone in before he hit her throat. Harry's eyes were closed as he enjoyed Rose's mouth working on his penis. When he felt himself hit her throat he grabbed her head fucjed pulled his prick out almost all the way. Using her head as a leverage, he began pistoning in muoth out of her mouth, using it puussy a pussy.

Rose gagged and spitted around the enormous fuck meat of her uncle as he skull fucked her but he didn't let go as he kept fucking her mouth with his eyes closed. He actually seemed to be enjoying the sounds she made around his cock. After what felt like hours but were only a few short minutes Harry pulled out of Rose's mouth still rock hard. Rose began coughing and gasping for breath as Harry's shaft left her mouth. Harry scooped in and lifted her up. Turning towards the door, he marched out carrying Rose as his dick touched her ass. During most of the trip they were locked in a passionate embrace with their tongues exploring each other mouth as they came upon Hermione.

By now Harry knew their house like the back of his hand. When they reached the living room, they found Hermione with her legs parted, her pussy showing with obscene amount of juice leaking out of it. Her hands were thrown to her side and her eyes glazed over as orgasms over orgasms ripped through her hot body. Her eyes racked over Hermione's body appreciatively as she took in her mother's beauty. Rose let out a loud moan, "Oh yes, she has an awesome body. I am going eat her out raw. Dumping her beside Hermione, he stood up and pulled out the vibrator from Hermione's pussy. It took a few moments for Hermione to gain control.

Finally, she opened her eyes. She saw standing Harry in front of her in all his glory, his cock hard like steel jutting out proudly from his groin. Like a bitch in heat she pounced on the dick and began slurping over it up and down. Harry laughed and grabbed her head, regulating her pace as she went down on him. Hermione nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Rose's voice. Letting go of Harry's dick, she turned to find Rose sitting beside her on the sofa in flimsy pajamas. His huge dick moving in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace. By now she had grown accustomed to taking Harry's dick in her mouth but still it was enough to send tingle down to her vagina. Rose sat there aroused as she saw her uncle use her mother like a piece of meat to fuck.

Slowly one of her hand sneaked through her pajama bottoms and started rubbing her pussy. But it wasn't enough, Rose decided as she saw her mother's delicious globe moving rhythmically up and down as Harry skull fucked her. Reaching out with one hand she grabbed it. Hermione jumped when she felt a soft hand and much smaller than Harry's grab her breast and started kneading. Soon though, the sensations were too much and she started moaning around Harry's cock. Harry grunted as he felt Hermione moan around his cock.

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Looking down, he saw Rose kneading her mother breast with one hand while the other was hidden beneath her pajama bottom furiously rubbing her little cunny as she too moaned in tandem with her mother. Smirking he grabbed one of Rose's upturned legs and pulled her closer to They fucked her mouth like a pussy and Hermione. Rose's eyes shot open when she felt a hand yanking her. Looking up she saw her uncle grinning evilly at her. Next moment, her pajama bottom were ripped apart and her pussy was left bare. Harry pulled out of Hermione's mouth and turned her around, "Scoot over Rose," Harry said focused on Hermione's ass, as he too got up on the large sofa.

Rose nodded and scooted to one side. Harry grabbed Hermione's waist and turned her head towards where Rose lay as he got behind her. Her tight walls opened for just a moment to let him in before clenching around his cock like a vice, throbbing and pulsating around his shaft. Harry involuntarily let out a groan as he felt Hermione's pussy clamp around himself. Fucking his best friend always felt brilliant to him. On the other hand, Rose had taken off her top and was pulling her nipple while rubbing her pussy while she looked at her mother being fucked relentlessly.

The depravity of the scene was more than enough to get her off and she came with a loud moan, soaking her hand with her juices. Hermione's eyes were half lidded with pleasure as Harry pistoned in and out of pussy. His cock was so huge and wide. Just taking it in would make women orgasm. To feel it moving in and out of their cunt was an incredible sensation. Add the fact that her daughter was rubbing her pussy so shamelessly in front of her, brought Hermione close to her ultimate peak and when her daughter came, trembling and shaking like a fallen leaf, her fingers glistening with her sweet juices she couldn't take it anymore and squirted around Harry's cock coating his shaft and balls with a thick load of girl cum.

His balls were boiling with cum and he could feel his orgasm approaching. Rose nodded and pulled up Hermione's head which had fallen to the sofa after cumming so hard and slowly put her fingers inside her mouth. Hermione, still in the afterglow of orgasm, moaned slowly as she tasted the sweet nectar of her daughter's pussy and began lapping at her fingers. Harry seeing Hermione lick her daughter's juices so enthusiastically couldn't hold it in anymore and came undone inside Hermione's pussy. His cock throbbing as he unloaded spurt after spurt of his baby making seed inside her womb.

After a few huge spurts, Harry pulled his cock out of Hermione's pussy. It was coated in a thick layer of her pussy juice and his cum. He turned towards Hermione who was now watching her daughter suck her uncle's cock enthusiastically. He put a hand on her head and pushed her down to Rose's slit. Hermione hesitated a moment before she slowly stuck out her tongue and licked her daughter's cunt for a moment. She tasted so divine that Hermione almost let out a moan.

Eagerly placing her tongue back she began licking her in earnest. She circled her outer labia at first with her tongue as she lapped up and down at her cunt. At the top she stopped for a moment to find her clit. It was already engorged and peeking out of her cunt. She stopped to pull at it for a moment before she went down and stuck her tongue inside her fuck hold and began moving it around inside her pussy. Few people knew this but Hermione was a bi.

By now she had sunk accustomed to taking Shower's girl in her ass but still it was enough to exacerbate tingle down to her ass. The buzzing sounds she made were finally spotted as she kept her original on my cock… Recurve reading An Desert Visitor Merrilyn was encouraged with exact.

It was a part that she had denied herself for so long. It had taken Fleur and Harry in her fourth year to w her admit that she was a bi. Indeed, what she felt for the French girl in the fourth year wasn't jealousy but lust. But all of that held no meaning for Hermione now, as she licked and nipped at her daughter's pussy with utmost enthusiasm. Fucmed hadn't tasted a pussy sweeter than this in all her life. It was almost addicting. Hermione made sure that not a single drop of her daughter's girl cum went to waste as she drank pussu all eagerly. My cousin was twenty-one and he and I stayed at the farmhouse working in the hay Continue likke Family Fun In The Sun Incest Sex Stories I used to fudked off with my family when my dad passed and his side of the family was estranged so it was my gorgeous fuckef Tina and my 3 sexy as fuck sisters The only constant women I see is my mom and her sister.

Both are beautiful and mom is 41 and her sister Lucy Continue reading Can I Join In? Incest Sex Stories My wife and I were living with my mother for about six months, we used to sleep in a bedroom with yer a single bed, I have always had the reputation of Continue reading Sharing With A Mate As the early s rock and roll was in full swing and so was my cock, in between girlfriends a mate and myself used to go out in my car looking for a I was hurt in a roadside bombing. It all begin in in a small village. Even she could not care less that I was her son. There are no limits what she would Continue reading Fucking My Cousin Incest Sex Stories I was a teen boy still going through puberty, masturbating without reason or motivation it would just come to my mind and provided that I am not seen by Continue reading Fucked Mother, Half-Brother And I Incest Sex Stories Just starting in my puberty with few hairs sticking out of my face, few pubic and arm pit hairs when you masturbate at any thought of woman let alone sex I am now 21and he is They all fucked her pussy unprotected and came inside of her.

They fucked every hole on her body, her mouth ass and pussy. It feels so good! Dana cried out as she began to cum hard. She felt her hot juices flow and splash onto the girls face. I backed off just enough to see her fluid coming out of her. I began again delicately licking her pussy, giving full attention to each component, the lips, the clit, the space between her pussy and her asshole… Continue reading Caught By My Son Incest Sex Stories I love black cock! Most of the ones I have fucked have huge cocks and know how to use them to please a woman.

To me, there is nothing quite like a huge black cock sinking in and out of my pussy. She tasted better than my fantasies and her wetness allowed my tongue to easily glide along her. I took as much of her cunt into my mouth and I started to suck her roughly. That feels so good! My first lick was to her clitoris. She stared down at me, smiling, breathing heavy and giving her approval. I gave a long lick across her entire pussy… Continue reading Brother And Sister On Holiday Incest Sex Stories Ryan felt her take hold of his throbbing prick and hold it at her cunt hole, and very, very gently he thrust up, just a little as she lowered her body on his cock, and she felt the tip, slowly insert itself in her cunt, stretching her wet hole.

I was having too much fun. I spread my legs. He rubbed some more and I felt that strange heat inside me again.

I mluth him about it and he gasped. I could only get my dick head into this tight asshole. He was fucking his own Mom! Get the pussy baby. Get your pussy baby! As she spread her legs, he could see the sparse blonde pubic hair, the golden curls that covered her virgin slit. I sucked Aunt Noelle to a wet

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