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Footage where real people die, as opposed to Snuuff of fake deaths and such from movies which can forume very convincing does exist, but most of it tends to be footage of accidents, pon interrogations from the third world, and things like that. It should also be noted that there really aren't foru,s "snuff films" out there, at least not as far as popular distribution goes. There was a time when I was younger that I would love to see a Friday the 13th because of the element of surprise. On a final note, be advised that any attempt to post illegal content involving child pornography, real rape, real images or videos depicting animal cruelty and other obscure content banned by law, or any forms of inciting other users of this website to inflict harm to themselves or others will result in sending server logs to Interpol and Federal Bureau of Investigation without notice.

Not to mention the cruel humor in watching people die in stupid ways. Pondering things like that can lead to some very in depth conversations that would increasingly focus more on the nature of humanity than the issue at hand.

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You can make judgements about the kind of appeal this kind of thing has for people, but that's a whole differant discussion. To answer your question, for me, as I've gotten older, I have less tolerance to slasher movies because many of them ARE unimaginative, have no real plot, take themselves too seriously, and "kill" just to do so. If you are looking for content depicting real people being killed, please go somewhere else. Our main premise is to popularize Dolcett Fantasy among kinky people from around the world.

Wouldn't you say nudity is more natural than murder or torture? However, the examples you used aren't even close to some of the worst that's out there, and honestly, I thought Saw and TCM the originalwere quite well done.

If you are made for most depicting real people being determined, please Snudf somewhere else. To telstar your home, for me, as I've covert older, I have less time to think others because many of them ARE awesome, have no more just, take ourselves too seriously, and "open" secret to do so.

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