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Complete each match, record the results on the sheet, then move to the next round. Once you have finished all the rounds, tally up the scores in the results table. You can use an extra match if there is a tie. Now run the knockout tournament.

Start on the bottom row, and run the matches. The winners move up to the next round. Repeat until you have one winner. Did you get the same champion both times? Which tournament is more likely to have an upset? A lot of sports are played between two individuals or two teams. But usually there are more than two competitors playing that sport. If you want to find the best player, you need to run a tournament. In a knockout tournament, losers are eliminated from the tournament each round. The winner of the tournament is the only person or team who has not lost a game.

Thumb Thumb wrestling

The problem is that even the best player gets eliminated if they lose one match, so often the tournament winner is not the best player. All other thumbs further up have a walk-over for the two thumbs furthest down are frozen already. Since humans have two hands the left hand can be used to connect even more players to the network. Thus, various possibilities pop up. Warm-up Warm up before the wrestling.

Token Begging Covenant the chain. The next door up: Ryan Ted No one is never able who doused vip wrestling.

Only practice safe wrestling! Fair Play No violence, thummb We compete but we do not fight. The hands are to be kept as still as possible. Clipped nails are extremely helpful. We would really like to know what's happening. We don't want to keep you in check or anything, but we are really interested in documenting where the idea will end up.

After your wrestling-competition, please send some pictures for our photo-archive. Big Gang All players put together their right hands to form a wrstling knot. The more players will join in the harder it gets to really play. Recommended for the farewell lap. Chain A chain of players. The players get in two lines, facing each other. Then everybody takes a step to the right so that they can grab the hands of their two opposing neighbours. Token Ring Like the chain. This pattern may only be built by an even number of players.

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