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Naff played Mary, the three-breasted prostitute mutant who exposed herself to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and elicited the classic quote: Mary became one of the most iconic characters in sci-fi with her character even added into the sequelthough the actress has admitted she felt embarrassed, not sexy, and weird while auditioning. The boobs were admittedly not real not even the outside twobut Naff still felt awkward having to expose herself. Namely, a CGI-centered sci-fi with beautiful creatures, faraway lands, and a poignant love story between humans and aliens.

This evil lingerie model alien oozes sexiness, and tentacles, which she uses to kill anyone in her path. Her sex appeal slightly wanes when she shows her true form: She is the lover of Prince Barin, the rightful heir to the throne of Mongo, and was banished aljen Ming, alongside Barin, to the forest realm of Arboria. The Xenomorph inside of moveis upon creation made her a hybrid alien-human. In trying to clone Ripley - and therefore the Xenomorph sample inside of her - the USM were hoping to gain access to the Xenomorph Queen gestating inside of her. Of course, this would backfire. Say what you will about the movie, the character of Ella came with a surprising twist.

She knows their weaknesses, which she reveals to her co-protagonists. Millions of innocents—and most of the world's major landmarks—become casualties. At the end, viewers need to suspend their disbelief more than usual: David and hotshot pilot Capt. Steven Hiller Will Smith penetrate the alien mothership without the aliens noticing. Then they take out the aliens with a virus generated on a Macintosh computer. Village of the Damned It takes a village to raise a child, but in this horror film—and its remake—the children pretty much rule the village of Midwich. In these films, aliens invade Earth not with an interstellar armada of death but by quietly impregnating women.

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The resulting children rapidly grow up to display eerie mind-reading and mind-control abilities and eerier hair. In Midwich, the children are sequestered, but it soon becomes clear that they're too dangerous to survive. But how do you get the upper hand against psychic killer aliens? With an atomic bomb The Arrival Astronomer Zane discovers a radio signal of extraterrestrial origin and after some investigation learns that the signal comes from closer to home. The film may be called The Arrival, but Zane learns the aliens aren't arriving: Their plan to increase greenhouse gases, accelerate global warming, and make the planet hostile to human life actually makes this an eco-conscious alien invasion movie.

A combination of liquid nitrogen and limb loss can take out an alien, but only an alien ball—like the Cube in Hellraiser, only round—can send the aliens back whence they came. Global warming, alas, is still with us.

In dual to make Ripley - and therefore the Xenomorph accordance training of her - the USM were using to land access to the Xenomorph Correspond gestating inside of her. Casualties The "critters" of this person movie settled three sequels are genetically Crites, alien criminals who think oasis and record to continually Earth.

War of the Worlds In War of the Worlds, "intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic regarded this earth aliem envious eyes and slowly and surely drew their plans against us. The story aljen our protagonist unnamed in the novel; Ray Ferrier in the version as he flees the menacing alien Tripods and makes his way home. The Tripods die off, no thanks to human intervention: It turns out they have no immunity to Earth bacteria. Aliens have infiltrated the upper echelons of human society. Thanks to special sunglasses, he can see the aliens, as well as the hilariously jarring subliminal messages they've planted around Los Angeles.

Nada allies himself with a group who are aware of the aliens' existence, as well as their successful scheme to use Earth as a resource. Nada learns to take out the television signal that masks the aliens' presence and dies in the act. We're left to imagine what happens when Los Angelenos learn they've been working for the aliens all along.

Comment Email Copy Link Copied The science fiction genre of films has always catered towards male viewers. Namely, aliens, and, more specifically, hot female aliens. That is simply the way things are in Hollywood. Generally speaking, men are intrigued by the unknown, by space, by explosions, and by women - aspects that can all be exemplified in a good sci-fi film. With all of the quality and beautiful performances throughout the years of sci-fi filmmaking, it is difficult to decide 10 of the hottest female aliens, but here is a compilation of 10 worthy characters. Naff played Mary, the three-breasted prostitute mutant who exposed herself to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and elicited the classic quote:

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