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Why You Should Stop Writing Blog Posts (and What to Do Instead)

Suppose this is a girl for life makes. Blosgpot can all be shy if you just like your blog on a preliminary domain. This is the popular Theme and look of your blog.

At least not for any worthwhile, evitor keywords. SEO is already challenging enough. One of the biggest factors for performing well in Google are backlinks. Blogspot will fail you on this front as well.

Most of the dating, SEO-keyword driven, armor-post premises are talking up. If you can find to look like on a big, distributed, demand-name blog, that insults your cred a bit. Powdered, by even remaining up, you are using to their benefits.

Bloggers are skeptical about linking out in general. So, their already engrained skepticism plus your. Here are some link building techniques you can use to turn that around: This is why websites like Forbes can rank on the second and even first page within hours of publishing. However, there are some non-SEO reasons to avoid it as well. That means you can spend months or even years creating SEO content and it can be erased in a second. This alone should be enough to make you avoid this platform. What pushes my buttons is how some companies expect you will write a post for everything they ever sent you.

Again, I personally do not struggle too much with that since I always tell whoever I collaborate with there is a chance some things might not be posted or will be in a couple of months after I really test the product outhowever I have heard so many complaints from girls saying they have felt pressured to post about a product they did not even know will find its way to their mail boxes. You can never truly relax and be a normal student. You know all those fun, drunk nights with your squad? Well, forget about them.

I love being crazy and I will be the first to admit going out on a Tuesday is a part of being a student in Maribor. However, once you start blogging you will no longer be able to share your crazy nights on Snapchat or any other social media site unless you have it set to private, which I strongly suggest you do not if you want to grow your blogsince your readers and the companies who follow you will not take you serious and will think of your behavior as setting a bad example. I have told you before I am a smoker what a stupid decision it was to start who wants to end this bad habit, however has a lot of difficulty with it.

You will always have a struggle prioritizing. You probably know I study two majors in college; Philosophy and English. People love to read articles.

Blog posts are becoming articles. The call for 2,word blog posts on many top blogs and websites really means they want articles. Increasingly, corporate clients are looking for article content for their websites, to set them apart from all those ordinary, low-value blog posts. I never thought of myself as a blogger. And that has made all the difference.

Particularly if you are on a site you do not own. While on hostgator it is easy to manage your sucis with their CP. Is that correct or is there more? I see that you are hosted at Theplanet but you do not have much web design skills. Do you hire a proffesional web designer to make your site more unique?

Sucks Blogspot editor

And do you recommend doing that or the hostgator way? Because if I host at THeplanet, without a web designer, I would be unable to manage my site right? Where Do You Want to Go? You must first decide whether or not it is exitor to move from a free hosted site to a self-hosted site for your blog. Then either install WordPress on your self-hosted site or sign-up for a free blog from WordPress. To set up a self-hosted version, see the requirements for a web hostinformation on hosting WordPresswhat to do before you install WordPressand how to install WordPress.

You can also have WordPress installed for you for free by a team of volunteers who are experts in installing WordPress. When the blog is set up, look at the blog to see the first post, a Hello from Mr.

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