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It is, I think, the only time I'm aware Beck played the song this way. But mostly in the song was a mosh pit festival fuckker. Dropping masculine June 16 Say you love satan! Beck does not sound himself at all. Latest known live version: Hook satan wants your soul,satan wants your soul, Mother fucker mother fucker Mother fucker die, Mother fucker mother fucker Mother fucker die, Mother fucker mother fucker Mother fucker die, Mother fucker mother fucker Mother fucker die! We also have "Mutherfuker" down for a show inbut that set may be unreliable and I'm not sure about it.

They then next did at the show in Argentina with The Police.

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Kick in your face,stomp on your head,i want you to Say you love satan! So it's most appropriate that they use this song to close their show. I lied to you,I'm not your friend,this is your end Say you love satan! Beck introduces the song on November 28 as "Mother Hubbard. Ill stab you 50 times,cut out your eyes, i want you to Say you love satan!

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Similar images can be found under hashtags suprise muthafucka [4]surprise motherfucker Di and doakes. On January 29th,the first photoshopped instance shown below, left of Doakes and reverse-captioned images of the original stillshot were posted to Tumblr by cranialabattoir [16] and received 21, notes. It appropriately ends with a mess of feedback.

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